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Yeh Hai Chahatein 11th June 2021 Anvi insists Arman to tell I love you to Prishma/Preesha. Arman nervously says love you Preesha. Anvi then insists Preesha to say I love you to papa. Preesha hesitantly says same to you Arman and disconnects call. Chachaji taunts Arman and takes him for a drink. Preesha then asks receptionist about manager as she wants to meet and thank him for saving her daughter’s life. Receptionist gives her manager/Rudra’s cabin address. Rudra over phone requests his boss 8 lakhs loan for his mother Sharda’s surgery, but gets rejected.

Preesha walks into his cabin and doesn’t find him there. Rudra meets his boss and requests for loan, but boss says even he is bound by rules and cannot help him. Devika gets Sharda admitted in a hospital. Doctor says Sharda needs immediate operation. Sulochana gets tensed. Devika says he can start surgery immediatedly. Sulochana they can’t as Rudra doesn’t have money. Devika realizes RK’s name is Rudra and says she will pay for the operation. Sulochana says she doesn’t know her. Devika says there is no time for that and makes her sign consent form for operation. Sulochana thinks of informing Rudra about this. Rudra and Preesha pass by each other with him busy in thought and her busy over phone and don’t notice each other. Sulochana calls Rudra and informs about Sulochana’s operation, and he runs towards hospital without noticing Preesha again.

Preesha packs her and Anvi’s bags to check out of hotel. Arman asks when are they coming. She says by evening and now he has to tolerate 3 girls at home. He says he is missing them and will manage with their videos till then, then gets his manager’s message about Devika seeking 8 lakhs in her account and asks Preesha where is she and why she needs money. Preesha says she doesn’t know and will find out.

Rudra reaches hospital and seeing Devika yells if she reached his family and continues yelling. Sulochana says Devika brought Sharda on time on her scooty. Rudra rudely (as usual) yells again. Doctor comes out of OT and informs operation was successful and gives credit to Devika for bringing Sharda on time. Sulochana informs how Devika brought Sharda on her scooty as they couldn’t get cab and even paid for her operation. Rudra apologizes Devika. Preesha asks Devika and asks where is she and why she needs 8 lakhs. She informs what happened. Preesha says he did good by helping kind manager and reminds that they have an evening flight to catch. Devika says she will reach airport directly from here. Rudra insists to drop her to airport.

On the way in cab, Devika says her bhabhi made her realize how good RK is and taught her to say sorry and thank you, he should meet her bhabhi once. He says he would definitely meet a person who understands her. Their cab breaks down. She gets tensed. He gets another cab. In airport, Preesha hears Goa flight boarding announcement and get into flight. Devika reaches airport but guards stop her and inform that she cannot check in as boarding is closed now. Preesha messages her that flight alright took off and hopes she is fine. Devika asks when is next flight. Guards says its tommorrow. Rudra offers to drop her back to hotel. They hire a cab. Devika says her fate made her stay back for a day. He says he can thank her now. She says hospital is on the way to hotel, so he can meet his mother. He says his shift will start. She says there is still one hour left and takes him along.

Arman excitedly selects clothes to pick up Preesha and Anvi. Chachaji taunts him that he is in love with Preesha and hence is eager to meet her. Arman shies. Preesha and Anvi reach home. Arman hugs Anvi and then Preesha. Preesha alerts him. He apologizes and says he was missing her. She jokes if he was missing burnt toast, etc. He says she is taunting him and asks about Devika. She says she missed her flight and calls Devika to find out.


Yeh Hai Chahatein 12th June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Sulochana shows crying Rudra to Devika. Devika thinks khadoos kumar also cries. Sulochana says he is heart broken and lost everything. Devika asks what had happened. Preesha slips, and Arman holds her. She calls him friend and thanks him for saving her. He thinks she is more than a friend for him.

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Telecast Date:11th June 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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