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Yeh Hai Chahatein 11th January 2021 Chetna introduces herself to Mahima before starting interview. Mahima introduces herself as Mrs. Mahima Rudraksh Khurana. Chetna says she wants to know how did it happen, everyone just know that she is Preesha’s sister. Ahana says Mahima is a better human being than Preesha. Chetna asks where is Rudra as she needs to start the show immediately as its live. Ahana asks servants to call Rdura. Chetna starts it and says today she is taking interview of most famous rock star Rudraksh Khurana and his new wife Mahima. Servants return and inform Ahana that Rudra is not at home. Chetna asks where is Mr. Khurana.

Saransh walks in saying he is here, he is Jr. Rudraksh Khurana. Mishka asks Ahana why is this kid acting smart. Ahana says she should look at Mahima’s humiliated face. Chetna starts interview and asks Saransh why he calls Mahima as Mahima mamma and not mamma. Saransh says his real mamma is Dr. Preesha Khurana and continues interview while Mahima tries to stop him. Chetna ends interview and says it would have been good if Rudra had attended interview, its more entertaining to take power couple’s interview and Rudra should have announced Mahima as his wife. Mahima says Rudra called and informed that he is stuck with some important work. Chetna leaves.
Balraj asks Sharda how can be Rudra so irresponsible, he should have informed if he doesn’t want to give interview. Ahana taunts Mahima that its humiliating and its proved that Rudra doesn’t like her, she should keep trying though. Mishka says she can understand Mahima’s pain and feels really sorry for him. Mahima thinks Rudra sent Saransh for interview, now Saransh will be punished for Rudra’s mistake.

Mahima walks into Saransh’s room and closes door. Saransh asks how did she like the interview, Chetna was repeatedly addressing him as junior Rudraksh Khurana, he felt really good. He twists his hand and asks why he felt good, he should tell where Rudra is or she will continue punishing him. He shouts its pain and she should leave him or else he will complain Rudra and Preesha against her. She picks belt and threatens him. He runs towards door shouting in fear, but she catches him and warning him not to shout asks where is Rudra. Saransh reminisces Rudra asking him to give interview in his place and not tell anyone where he is going. He says he doesn’t know and just gave interview on Rudra’s order. Mahima locks him in bathroom and brutally trashes him while he pleads not to beat him. On the other side, Rudra drops Preesha home. Preesha says she is worried for Rudra. Rudra says even he is and Saransh must have finished interview by now. Preesha says she sent him Gautam’s interview copy to be on a safer side. Rudra says tomorrow morning they will hand it over to police and expose Mahima’s truth and hopes Mahima doesn’t create any problem till then. Preesha gets out of car and enters home.

Mahima changes Saransh’s shirt revealing his bruised body and warns him to not tell anyone about this or else she will trouble Preesha and Rudra. Rudra returns. Mahima asks where was he as she was worried. He says he got stuck in some important work. She says never mind as Saransh gave interview well. Rudra thinks good she didn’t doubt him and is in good mood, walks towards Saransh, but she stops him saying he is sound asleep. He goes to change. She warns Saransh again to not tell anyone about today’s incident. Next morning, Saransh joins family for breakfast, afraid. Sharda asks if he is fine. Mahima says he is and looks tired due to overplaying video game. Balraj asks where is Rudra. Mahima goes to bring him and seeing him bathroom checks his mobile and is shocked to find out Rudra and Preesha visiting Mumbai. She further sees Gautam’s interview and thinks why they want to die. She deletes video and thinks how to delete video from Preesha’s mobile if there is any. She then smiles and thinks why didn’t she get this idea before. Rudra and Preesha reach police station and complain against Mahima revealing how she conned many men. Inspector asks proof. Preesha says she has video confession of one of the connned man Gautam. Inspector asks her to show the video. Preesha checks and finds it missing.


Yeh Hai Chahatein 12th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Preesha gets a parcel sent by Mahima. She opens it and falls unconscious smelling fumes from it.Mahima brake fails Gautam’s car and its meets with an accident. Vasu with GPS returns home and finds Preesha unconscious.

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Telecast Date:11th January 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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