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Yeh Hai Chahatein 10th May 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Hai Chahatein 10th May 2022 Revati asks Ruhi to tell Ruhi to tell truth if she doesn’t want her father to be tortured. Sharda, Preesha, and Saransh rush to Rudra after police stop their torture on Rudra. Saransh says its all because of him. Rudra asks not to speak about it. He asks about Ruhi.

Preesha says Revati took her alone for questioning. Rudra fears Ruhi will tell truth and feels helpless. Preesha clicks Rudra’s pics and says she will get Rudra and Ruhi out from here. She then walks to reporters and showing Rudra’s pics says Revati is alleging Rudra of murdering Dev and torturing him illegally, so she needs their help to stop Revati’s atrocities.

Inspector notices that and sends constable to stop Preesha. Constable tries to stop Preesha. Preesha complains that Revati is harassing her and her family this way and thinks now Revati will not question Ruhi. Rudra calls someone and talks about Revati.

Revati continues to question Ruhi. Ruhi reveals how Dev called her on terrace and tried to throw her down. Just then, inspector informs Revati that DIG wants to meet her. Revati meets DIG who shows her Preesha’s media interview and says her illegally detaining Rudra.

She says Rudra has killed her son, she was questioning Ruhi and was about to get truth from Ruhi when she was calling by DIG. He asks if she is investigating the case as a mother. She says she has kept a mother far away or is just doing her duty. He says he can understand her feels and asks her to be unbiased in her investigation or else police department will have to face the burn.

Preesha returns to Rudra and says she provoked media against Revati, now Revati has to free him and Ruhi. Revati questions Ruhi again who reveals the whole incident till she falls unconscious. Revati frees her. Ruhi walks back to family.

Revati walks behind her and says Ruhi told her the truth. Rudra says now she realized how cruel her son was. Revati questions Saransh next and asks to reveal what happened after Ruhi fell unconscious. Saransh explains the remaining story. Revati says he killed Saransh. Rudra says she is wrong and reveals his side of the story. Revati says he killed Dev then. Rudra says it was an accident.

Constable brings Dev’s post-mortem report and reveals that Dev was strangled to death. Revati is shocked to hear that and goes to meet forensic expert who shows her Dev’s body and says Dev had a head injury after falling from a distance, but he died after someone strangulated and killed him.

Revati asks if he can find the culprit’s fingerprints. Expert says he is trying to get murderer’s fingerprints from Dev’s neck and gives her a coat button which he found in Dev’s hand. Revati looks shocked seeing the button. On the other side, Preesha tells family that if Dev was strangulated to death,

then their family is not involved in his murder. Revati returns and alleges that Rudra strangulated Dev to Death. Preesha says she cannot prove it without Rudra’s fingerprints. Revati asks if she has any proof that Rudra didn’t murder Dev. She says she arrests Rudra in Dev’s murder case.


Yeh Hai Chahatein 11th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap : Preesah prays Devimaa to help her save Preesha. A girl meets Rajiv. Preesha tells Revati that she knows Rudra cannot murder Dev. Revati says she doesn’t want to listen to anything. Forensic expert walks in and says he got the report of the fingerprints on Dev’s neck.

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Telecast Date:10th May 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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