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Yeh Hai Chahatein 10th February 2021 Rudra finds himself stuck in jungle and walks seeking help. At home, shocked Sharda says that Rudra loves his father a lot, then how can he kill his father, there must be some mistake. Ahana says Rudra’s fingerprints are found on murder knife, so he Rudra is the murderer. Preesha gets inspector’s call. She asks him if Rudra is found. He says no and informs that Balraj’s postmortem is done and they can take his dead body for last rights. Sharda asks who will perform Balraj’s last rights now. Preesha asks her not to worry as Rudra will return and perform last rights. Sharda says one who murdered his father cannot perform last rights or else Balraj’s soul will not be in peace. She asks to bring Balraj’s body first and tries to stand up. Preesha and others stop her. GPS says he will go with Yuvraj and bring the dead body after finishing legal formalities.

Rudra reaches highway and stopping a truck asks where is he and requests to drop him to Delhi. Driver says he is on Agra high way and gets him into truck. He sees Rudra’s dilapidated condition and asks if he didn’t have time to bathe. Rudra says someone had kidnapped him, he doesn’t know where was he and for how many days, asks today’s date. Driver says 10th February. Rudra says that means he was missing since 10-12 days. Driver asks who had kidnapped him. Rudra says he just knows that he was in a room and then today woke up in a jungle. Driver asks if he will go to police station to file a police complaint. Rudra says he needs to reach home first as family must be worried for him.

Preesha asks inspector about Rudra. Inspector says his team is still searching. Mahima walks to them and yells at inspector that she told him to give information only to her and not strangers as Preesha is not a family member. Preesha asks her to speak sensitively in this situation and shuts her mouth. Reporters throng outside. and question about Balraj’s murder. Preesha asks who informed them about it. Mahima says news would have spread somehow. Reporters asks who murdered Balraj. Mahima is about to take Rudra’s name when Preesha stops her and says police is investigating the matter and once they find out, they will inform them. She drags Mahima aside and asks if she was taking her husband’s name. Mahima says yes as he murdered his father. Preesha says it is still not proven that Rudra murdered Balraj. Mahima says Saransh saw it and there are Rudra’s fingerprints on murder knife. Preesha says she is sure Rudra cannot do it and Rudra has not come to confirm it. Inspector says she is right and if they spread the news, Rudra will get alert and escape.

Rudra reaches home in truck. Truck driver says this is a big house, who is he. He says he is a singer. Driver asks if he is rockstar Rudraksh Khurana. Rudra says he is the one and walks towards gate. Reporters throng him and inform that his father is murdered and if he knows who did it. Shocked Rudra pushes them and enters home. He shatters seeing Balraj’s dead body. Preesha asks where was he. He says he doesn’t know, he was in a room, what happened to papa suddenly. He then walks to Sharda and asks how did it happen. Sharda slaps her and says he murdered his father and cries vigorously. Rudra says he cannot understand what she is saying. Sharda says he murdered his father when he stopped him from doing wrong; he punished even her for giving her birth and supporting her against her husband, he separated them forever. Rudra says he didn’t do anything. She describes all the incidents he did. He shouts he didn’t do anything and how can she think that he murdered his father. He tells Balraj that he used to fight with him for dear ones and not himself; he wanted him to hug and say son I love you, but his wish would be unfulfilled forever. He tells Sharda that he didn’t murder papa as he was kidnapped, he was in a room for 10-15 days and when he woke up, he found himself in a jungle and came home taking a lift. Sharda asks if he is in his senses, if he is inebriated and lying. He says he is not. She says he was with them here. He says he is not lying and asks Preesha to tell maa that he was at home last during lohri night. Sharda says he cannot escape punishment with his cooked up story and will get her husband’s murderer punished for sure.


Yeh Hai Chahatein 11th February 2021 Written Episode Update Precap : Sharda asks inspector to arrest Rudra. Police arrests him. He takes Saransh’s oath and says he wasn’t here. Sharda says Saransh informed he murdered his father. She stops him from performing last rights. Preesha thinks why Rudra is telling he is missing since lohri night.

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Telecast Date:10th February 2021
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