Woh Toh Hai Albela 29th September 2022 Written Episode Update


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Woh Toh Hai Albela 29th September 2022 Rashmi vents out her frustration on Sayuri when Saroj scolds her for trying to dump her work on Sayuri. Sayuri says Saroj is just overconcerned and asks her not to take Saroj’s words seriously. She tries to help Rashmi, but Rashmi continues her arrogant behavior and tries to snatch utensil from Sayuri.

Hot water spills on Rashmi, burning her hand. Sayuri gets worried for her and applies ice on her hand. Kanha joins her. Saroj returns and scolds Rashmi for being careless and asks what if Sayuri was injured. Rashmi walks away fuming saying she will apply ointment at her home.

Back home, she searches ointment. Indu and Bhanu get concerned seeing her burn and say she should have informed Sayuri who would have taken care of her burn. Rashmi shouts she is injured because of Sayuri and starts cursing her. Indu and Bhanu ask her to calm her mind and stop thinking negative about Sayuri.

Rashmi shouts she is waiting for the day when Sayuri’s baby comes in this world and everyone stops pampering Sayuri. Indu and Bhanu ask if she is not happy to become an aunt and stand shocked with her growing hatred towards Sayuri.

Kanha brings milk for Sayuri. Sayuri says she can’t tolerate milk. Kanha asks he to try it as he mixed some special ingredient in it. Sayuri tries it and says its actually amazing. She shows her concern for Rashmi. Kanha says Rashmi is feeling insecure seeing Saroj’s sudden change in behavior, but she need not worry as Nakul will handle Sayuri. He gives her a gift and asks her to wear it. Sayuri walks to changing room.

She walks out wearing a maternity T-shirt, feeling shy, and asks why did he bring it for her. He says he reasrched online and says he take care of her both physically and emotionally. Sayuri says he is showering gifts on her once she became pregnant, but she liked his extra care for her.

Saroj excitedly shows silver coins to Dhanraj and says she wants to gift it to Rishi and Kusum when Rishi visits them tomorrow. Dhanraj warns her of her extreme behavior and says he heard her scolding Rashmi in kitchen while she was showering her love on Rashmi earlier and hating Sayuri, she should maintain stability in her emotions and not act extreme.

Next morning, Kusum gets ready to meet Rsihi and feels nervous. Saroj comforts her and says she need not hurry and take a decision after evaluating all the situations.

Rishi visits them. Dhanraj questions him about his studies. He says he studied in some university. Sayuri says its closed. He gets nervous. Kanha asks Sayuri if she is sure about it. Sayuri says yes. Kanha asks Rishi where he stays in Texas as his friend also stays here. Rishi says he stays between white Americans and is shifting to New York soon. Kanha asks what about his business in Texas then.

Rishi gets more nervous. Saroj asks Kanha if he booked a table in a restaurant for Rishi and Kusum. He says he did. Nakul says he will drop them to restaurant and return. Sayuri asks Rashmi not to panic and take decision only after evaluating Rishi well. Kusum leaves with Rishi. Saroj says she liked Rishi a lot.

Sayuri asks Kanha why did he make Rishi nervous with his questions. Kanha suspects Rishi and his family’s behavior. After sometime, Sayuri tries to leave for college, but Saroj refuses her to send her to college.


Woh Toh Hai Albela 30th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Kusum returns home after meeting Rishi, looking tensed. Sayuri gives her a book and asks her to prepare for her exams. Saroj covers book with bridal dress and says Gayatri informed that Rishi liked Kusum. Kusm looks more tensed.

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Telecast Date:29th September 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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