Woh Toh Hai Albela 24th November 2022 Written Episode Update


Woh Toh Hai Albela 24th November 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on tellyshowupdates.com

Woh Toh Hai Albela 24th November 2022 Sayuri suggests family to fix Nakul and Rashmi’s wedding along with Kusum and Yash’s wedding. Saroj says she was discussing about same with Dhanraj and Daadi Mausi.

Everyone rejoice hearing that. Kanha suggests to perform both wedding in same mandap. Everyone like his idea and congratulate each other. Rashmi disapproves the idea in her mind and thinks she has to share her special day and anniversaries with Kusum.

Sayuri seeks Kanha’s help to prepare halwa for the family. Kanha says he is so happy that Kusum, Yash, Nakul, and Rashmi will be married in same mandap. Sayuri says they should plan for a baby again. Kanha recalls doctor informing him that Sayuri cannot become a mother again. He says they can think of. Saroj hears their conversation and recalls Kanha telling Nakul that Sayuri cannot become a mother again.

Sayuri feels nervous seeing Yash in her room. Nakul walks in and asks them to behave like an engaged couple and asks Kusum to show their house to Yash. Nakul leaves. Kusum stands nervously. Yash says he wants to tell her something. Kusum says one who spoke such a big thing in front of everyone. Yash asks if she is happy with their alliance. Kusum say yes and she really mean it by heart.

Mere Paas Jo Dil Tha Woh Tumne Churaliya.. song plays in the background. Yash holds Kusum’s hand and expresses his happiness and says he feels like hugging her. She stands shy. He says he doesn’t mean it and will never force her do anything against her wish. Kusum says he can hug her. He hugs her and says he should leave before her family kicks him out. She laughs.

Rashmi expresses her agitation in front of Indu and says she didn’t like Sayuri’s idea of performing both weddings in same mandap. Indu says she was eager for marriage and now has problem.

Rashmi continues to shout that its her marriage and not buy 1 get 1 free offer, its Kusum’s second marriage and not hers and she will not compromise on her happiness. Indu angrily raises hand but stops and says she had promised Balwant not to raise hand on his daughters or else she would have slapped Rashmi for her cheap thinking. Sayuri returns and asks if everything is alright. Indu says yes and walks out with cake.

Kanha and Sayuri serve cake for everyone and pull Yash’s legs. Sayuri notices Rashmi sad. Kanha gets lawyer’s call who informs that court gave verdict in his favor and quashed all the cases against him. Family rejoices hearing that. They all thank Yash for his out of the box help and plan to perform Rashmi and Kusum’s wedding soon. Rashmi gets jealous seeing Nakul supporting Sayuri and Kanha.


Woh Toh Hai Albela 25th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :A woman tells Sayuri that she went through a big pain recently and would face much bigger pain soon.

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Telecast Date:24th November 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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