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Woh Toh Hai Albela 23rd May 2022 Kusum walks to Saroj while Saroj is performing pooja and informs her that Sayuri maharani hasn’t woken up yet. She further says Sayuri would have woken up by that if she had been in her own house.

Saroj asks wh did she remind her that they have to bear Sayuri their whole life now, so its better they ignore her. Kusum says it will not help them, so they need to do something else to get rid off her permanently.

Sayuri ges ready after bathe in front of the mirro when she notices her mangalsutra and recalls Kanha putting it in her neck. She further notices her hairline and recalls Kanha filling her hairline with sindhoor. She applies sindhoor. Someone knocks her room door. Back in the living room, Kusum tells Saroj that her yesterday’s idea was not bad.

Dhanraj walks to them and warns them to dare not conspire against Sayuri as he considers Sayuri as his daughter and it wouldn’t be good for them. Kusum says its Sayuri’s first day in her sasural and she should have woken up by now. Dhanraj says even Kusum doesn’t wake up early, they should know that it takes time to adjust in another house. They both look at his face silently.

Nakul asks servants to prepare everything which Kanha ordered and get it in a tray. Dhanraj asks him of Kanha and Sayuri woke up. Nakul says he doesn’t know about Sayuri, Kanha slept with him last night. He goes to make breakfast arrangements. Sayuri opens door. Kanha stands mesmerized seeing her ready.

Sayuri asks rudely asks what? Kanha nods nothing. She slips on a mat and falls with Kanha on the beanbag. They both feel awkward. Kanha stands up and extends his hand to help her out. Dil Pe Kaboo Naa.. song plays in the background. Servant brings tea, coffee, plain milk, chocolate milk, etc., in trays.

Kanha tells Sayuri that he didn’t know what she likes, so he ordered everything. She points at choc milkshake. He removes malai/cream from the milk. She asks what if she likes it. He says he knows she doesn’t like it as she compared him to the cream once. He asks her to finish it while he freshens up.

Indu calls her. Kanha asks her to go to terrace and speak to her mother. She walks to terrace. Bhanu with whole family looks at her and asks if she is fine. Sayuri says she doesn’t know. Bhanu says its good to see her. Pihu says she missed having choc milk with her.

Sayuri shows choc milk glass and says Kanha got it prepared for her with many other drinks as he didn’t know what she likes. Pihu asks her to have it soon. Indu asks her not to have anything as she has paghphera ritual and cannot have anything until her husband visits her maika and feeds her something. Bhanu says its up to Sayuri whether she will observe fast or not.

Downstairs, Kanha tries to sit for breakfast. Dhanraj asks him not to forcefully change himself and be as he was before. Sayuri walks down. Sayuri and Kusum angrily look at her. Sayuri takes Dhanraj and Tej’s blessings and walks towards Saroj, but Saroj ignores her. On the other side,

Rashmi asks Bhanu if only Sayuri and Kanha will come or whole family will. Bhanu says its only Kanha and Sayuri’s ritual, hence only they both will come. Indu plans to prepare sweets for Sayuri to break her fast. Bhanu says they don’t know if Sayuri has kept fast or not. Indu hopes she must have to please Saroj.

Sayuri serves breakfast. Kanha asks her to have breakfast. Sayuri covers her head with pallu. Kanha asks her not to follow any ritual forcefully as she is grown in front of Dhanraj and Tej. Tej and Dhanraj backs Kanha and says a daughter shouldn’t be too formal in front of a father. Nakul asks Sayuri to have breakfast. Kusum taunts that Saroj prepared breakfast,

but Sayuri is taking the limelight by serving it. Saroj orders servant to bring silver plate for a new guest and keep it on the dining table until the guest leaves. Kanha, Dhanraj, Tej, and Nakul get up without having breakfast. Sayuri requests them to finish breakfast. Dhanraj says one should have food where they are respected, so Sayuri can go to her parent’s house and have food there.

Saroj also tries to leave. Kusum yells at Sayuri that she didn’t perform kitchen ritual. Saroj orders Sayuri to fast for the whole day until the paghphera ritual is complete. Sayuri gets afraid. Saroj shouts at her if she heard her or not.


Woh Toh Hai Albela 24th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Sayuri fasts for the day, feels dizzy while working, and falls towards the grinder/okhli. Kanha holds her.

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Telecast Date:23rd May 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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