Woh Toh Hai Albela 15th September 2022 Written Episode Update


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Woh Toh Hai Albela 15th September 2022 Kanha thanks Sayuri for sending him name for a vlogging competition. Sayuri says one who gives wings to everyone’s dreams should also need support. He expresses his nervousness about the competition.

Sayuri gets out of car and walks towards her college. She feels drowsy. Saroj continues to brainwash Nakul against Sayuri that she will surely snatch their family business, so he should involve himself into business.

She says Rashmi would feel bad when she notices her husband dependent on her brother. She continues spilling venom against Sayuri and asks him not to blindly trust her brother and SIL and seek his right in business.

Sayuri’s friends notice her stumbling and rushes to her rescue. They ask if they should call Kanha or drop her home. Sayuri says she will manage herself and says she is tired after continuous events in her house. She thinks she shouldn’t inform Kanha about it as he is tensed regarding business and competition and herself shall visit a doctor.

Dhanraj talks to a business client over phone. Saroj informs him that before Ganeshji’s arrival home, auspicious things are happening; they got a rich family alliance for Kusum; the wealth they lost because of Amitabh will be back with this alliance.

Dhanraj says he blindly trusts her regarding Kusum and knows she would have already enquired regarding this alliance. She says she has invited boy’s family for Ganpati pooja.

Kanha starts preparing Ganeshji’s idol. Nakul with Rashmi walks to him and asks if he and Sayuri will prepare idol. Sayuri walks in and says they all 4 will and asks Rashmi to help. Kanha notices Sayuri’s elbow injured and questions.

Sayuri recalls injuring her elbow when she stumbled and fell down and says its nothing. Saroj watches them from a distance. Dhanraj says they are 4 wheels of a vehicle and she shouldn’t separate them.

Saroj starts making arrangements for Ganpati pooja. Indu and Bhanu walk in. Saroj greets them in. Kanha says they prepared idol and would establish it once it dries up. Saroj asks Rashmi to make Ganeshji’s crown. Tej says its Sayuri’s right. Saroj says she knows Rashmi’s expertise in arts and hence wants her to prepare idol.

Rashmi feels happily. Sayuri manages the situation without showing any jealously. Back to room, Sayuri feels drowsy while getting ready. Kanha walks to her and gets romantic. She walks away shy. Next day, Sharmas perform Ganeshji’s pooja. Sayuri feels drowsy but controls herself. Later, she prepares a big modak for Ganesh from her and Kanha/KriSa’s side. Saroj feels jealous noticing that.

After some time, Saroj’s guests asks her to introduce her to her bahu. Saroj ignores Sayuri and introduces them to Rashmi and starts praising her nature. She says she will give house keys to Rashmi and will get herself free from the responsibilities. Guests say Rashmi is not yet her bahu, she should introduce them to her elder bahu. Saroj hesitates. They notice Sayuri and start praising her beauty.

They say Saroj is lucky to have such a beautiful elder bahu and asks why don’t she give her house responsibility to her elder bahu. Saroj says Sayuri cannot handle it as she does a job against Chaudhry family’s rule as her father wanted her to work. Sayuri feels sad hearing that. Kanha enters and hears the conversation.


Woh Toh Hai Albela 16th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Saroj asks Rashmi to call Kusum as as boy’s family has come to see her. Rashmi informs that Sayuri and Kanha took Rashmi out for her college admission. They all 3 return home. Boy’s mother taunts Saroj that she must have not informed her daughter that boy’s family is coming to see her.

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Telecast Date:15th September 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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