Vish 26th September 2019 Written Episode Update

Vish Written Update

Vish 26th September 2019 Written Episode Update, Vish Written Update on

Vish 26th September 2019 Episode Start With Sabrina cries while she speaks to the uterus and says she will fight till her last breathe, only for her child.

The tribal leader walks to Alia and recognizes her as their Goddess. There was an old prediction that she will be here, and today they witnessed her powers. Alia requests him to let them go where her uterus is. The leader was ready to lead them there, her child is their tribe’s child. He warns Alia that they way is extremely dangerous. He orders the strongest of tribal men to join them as they lead the three people.

Sabrina stood in front of fire well. She thinks it’s about risking her life. Then walks into the fire well, and down through the stairs. There was a loud scream. Later, Sabrina appears holding a chain and walks out of the fire-well. The red-hot chain still ignites in her hand. Following Sabrina appears a dragon from the fire well. Sabrina says whoever Alia faced till now were only tiny kids in front of Sarpika. She loosens the chain of Sarpika. The dragon crawls out of the fire well.
On the way, Alia and Rudra Maa were tired. The Sardar shows them their destiny. They could hear Sabrina there. Rudra Maa says everyone finally comes here to MahaDev. The Shivli here is special as Halahal Dev placed it there. Sabrina wish her child is born at the time of eclipse in front of that Shivli.

Sabrina was preparing for the birth of her child, with Rajni Gandha, at the time of eclipse so that he has all the qualities of Vishkanya. They watch Alia and team come inside. Sabrina says today they will witness who wins when the fight is between two mothers. She holds the chain of Sarpika and moves it. Sarpika at once wake up. Sabrina orders Sarpika to go and finish them, its time for destruction.
Aditya, Rudra Maa and Alia confronts Sarpika. Rudra Maa says he is an amalgamate of power and devil; and Sabrina must have slaved him. Sardar says its name is Sarpika, they have read about him in the books. Rudra Maa tells them to scatter around and dodge it. Sarpika attacks various tribal men. Rudra Maa tries to fight it, but of no use. Sabrina comes there and says no one can defeat Sarpika, and Sabrina now. The eclipse had begun.

Sardar judge they can only finish off Sarpika if they attack his eyes. He tells Aditya to attack with an arrow only when he signals. He risks his life and comes to pick up two arrows. Both Sardar and Aditya attack at once. The arrows prick Sarpika’s eyes. It gets mad. Sardar tells Rudra Maa to hurry up and shot the attack. Sarpika moves hysterically and was finally dead. Sabrina screams in disappointment.

Sabrina sits for the birth of her child and sends Rajni Gandha to keep an eye over them. Rudra maa tells everyone that eclipse has started. They must first take the uterus from Sabrina, else her child will be a born devil. Alia, Aditya, Rudra Maa and Sardar hurry closer. Sabrina had lit rings of fire around herself.


Vish 27th September 2019 Written Episode Update Precap :  Alia announces she has won inspite of a defeat, and decides to give up on her life to protect her child. She says I love you to Aditya and attracts all the fire, burning her own self. Sarbrina screams.



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