Vish 16th July 2019 Written Episode Update

Vish Written Update

Vish 16th July 2019 Written Episode Update, Vish Written Update on

Vish 16th July 2019 Episode Start With Alia is taking Mohit on a walk. Aditya watches her as she speaks to Mohit. He keeps the glass aside. He helps her set Mohit’s bed. She asks him since when he became interested in household chores. He replies that his interest arises only when she does it. She recalls saying the same thing to him earlier. Their hands touch while tidying the bed sheet. Their hands touch again when they try to help Mohit shift from his wheelchair. They share an eye lock as they end up facing each other once they settle Mohit in his bed.

Sabrina brings Katrina to the dining table which has a gift waiting for her. Sabrina says I want to thank you for what you have done for me. She calls out to Maria while Katrina closes her eyes. There is a shower of cucumbers which scare Katrina. What joke is this? Sabrina tells her every plan. You scared Maria and now it is Maria’s turn. Katrina runs and sits atop a shelf. Sabrina taunts her. I know you are afraid of cucumbers! Jump! When Katrina does not shift, Maria throws more cucumbers at her. Katrina tries to run but Sabrina holds her by her throat. Katrina overpowers her. You think I will also get scared like Maria? Sabrina hits her and bites her. Katrina coughs. Sabrina talks to her nicely seeing Alia come there. They discuss about Katrina’s departure in front of Alia. Sabrina lifts her high in the air once Alia leaves. I called you here to help but you backstabbed me! Katrina asks her why she dint tell her about the cursed mark. Like you need it to bring Vishaila back to life, I need it to become immortal! In short, our purpose is same. Sabrina and Katrina engage in a fight again. They both challenge each other.

Vishera breaks out of the mirror. I am finally out of this mirror! I need a place to stay till the time I devise a plan to trap the Vishkanya! This house is the best place to hide. He is about to knock at the main when the guards throw him out. He hits a spray by mistake and water falls on his face. The same girl comes there hearing a commotion. She gets lost as soon as she catches his one glimpse. She tells the guard to leave him. He is my guest. He has come to meet me. Vishera wonders what is happening. It is good for me though.

Alia checks on Mohit and informs that his condition had worsened because of stress. Sabrina comes there and cries. Alia asks her what happened. Sabrina says Aditya insulted me by bringing an Aghori here. Do you think I am a Vishkanya? She sits next to Mohit. Can I do this to Mohit? Alia says you are right to feel bad but Aditya is right at his place too. He cares for his brother. Sabrina asks her if it means she does not care about her husband. Should I point fingers at Aditya? Should I say that he is after Mohit because of his property? I wont do it as I care about this family. Alia offers to speak to Aditya. Sabrina nods. Ask him if he found the proof that I am Vishkanya. She cries. Alia feels bad for her. She tells her to understand that anyone would doubt her as the Vishpurush’s body was found in her room. Sabrina agrees. It means Vishkanya must be around. I have to find out where she is. Will you help me save my husband? Alia readily agrees. Mohit mentally coaxes Alia not to fall in Sabrina’s words. You don’t know her. Sabrina decides to trap Katrina.

Katrina is with Aditya. She sympathises with him. He tells her he does not need her fake sympathy. You are Sabrina’s friend. I know you will know everything about her. Katrina tells her not to speak badly about her best friend. I would have known if there was anything. Aditya calls her stupid for coming over to cover up Sabrina’s truth. She asks him to prove the truth. He says even Aghori couldn’t prove it. She reasons that there isn’t just one way to prove something. Aditya gets thinking.

Maria tells Alia that she knows that that crows were friends with Vishkanya. They flew away with Vishpurush’s body. Sabrina asks her what they should do now. Maria suggests calling the crows again somehow. We can ask them and find out who this Vishkanya is. Sabrina asks her how they will call the crows. Maria reasons that crows get invited during Barsi’s. Alia finds sense in her idea.

Katrina says this idea will work. I am doing this to prove that Sabrina isn’t a Vishkanya! Your locket is to keep the Vishkanya away from him. Her truth will be out in front of you once she touches it. This is why no Vishkanya has touched it ever! Make Sabrina touch it. You will find out everything yourself. He gets thinking. She is glad to see her plan working. Poor Sabrina has no idea what’s about to happen with her!

Maria, Sabrina and Alia tell Katrina about the rice gram which they are about to make. Our family Pundit told us that this will sort everything. Katrina thinks she will win.

Vishera is taking bath. He steps back in the room wearing a towel. The girl opens the door just then and looks at him from top to toe. She tells him to change. He asks her to turn around. She slips while turning and he holds her. They share an eye lock. He breaks the moment. She rushes out of the room. Vishera does not look pleased.


Vish 17th July 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Mohit walks on his own feet and is hail and healthy. Aditya hugs his brother in relief. Who did this to you? Mohit takes Sabrina’s name.


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