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Vighnaharta Ganesh 9th September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Vighnaharta Ganesh 9th September 2021 episode starts with Meera wondering watching decorated bed while Raja arrives in the room but Meera sleeps on the floor facing her Prabhu’s idol which is in room next to theirs keeping the doors open while Raja wonders where Meera might be not finding her on the bed & searches her but sees sleeping on the floors while Meera becomes aware of Raja Bhojraj arrived.

Raja thinks saying it seems Meera can’t think of sleeping without her Girdhar Prabhu near her while Meera prays her Prabhu to help in bringing realization of her true devotion towards him for understanding each other’s relations in him & she remembers about the flute she had kept near her but while trying to touch it moves away from her hands. Raja picks the flute but Meera pretends of sleeping & while holding the flute Raja watches the Prabhu’s idol which lights brightly making Raja aware of Meera’s Girdhar’s existence due to her hence he praises Prabhu saying he has seen all Prabhu’s forms in Dwarka & elsewhere too but now he has got this opportunity to see Meera’s Girdhar too which is marvellous hence says Meera is of Girdhar & Girdhar of Meera & keeps the flute near Meera & lye’s on bed thinking about Meera’s devotion towards her Prabhu remembering of all the earlier incidences he came across watching her.

Meera also watches bright light of Prabhu realizing Raja speaking truly about her hence prays Prabhu for helping her.

Pushpadant asks Ganeshji if Raja realized Meera’s true devotion of her Prabhu due to whom he saw Prabhu himself saying she is Girhdar’s & Girhdar hers so did he do something about it & Ganeshji says knowing & understanding has a lot of difference so lot if incidences were there to happen in future.

Meera gets up quickly in the morning getting ready & moving towards her Prabhu while Raja too watches her getting up & he too goes to do his regular routine work. The maids come for room’s cleanliness while one of them watches only one pillow used for sleeping & a mattress lying on floor hence intimates her colleague who is the same maid which is always around Meera but she ignores her.

The maid goes to inform Raja’s sister who is busy arranging materials in kitchen due to Meera’s first day of kitchen work to perform while Meera is praying her Prabhu saying she’ll prepare all kinds of food items for him due to her first day in kitchen & leaves for kitchen.

Raja is busy scheduling meetings with his ministers while the maid informs Raja’s sister Meera is busy with her Swami & she feels happy but maid again says not Kunvarsa but her Girdhar & she feels weird but gets busy in kitchen & Meera arrives in kitchen hence Raja’s sister intimates Meera all the materials are arranged to cook in kitchen for her while Raja also arrives in kitchen to see what is happening.

Raja’s sister says Meat is also arranged which is loved by Kunvarsa very much & Meera is shocked hence says she doesn’t prepare Meat but Raja’s sister tells her in this house Meat is eaten by everybody which is favourite of Kunvarsa too so Meera says then she can’t prepare food in this kitchen for her Prabhu Girdhar which contains Meat & Raja’s sister is surprised hearing about her Girdhar Prabhu while Raja himself orders maids to take away the Meat & let Meera prepare whatever she wishes which might be liked by me too & Meera feels happy while Raja’s sister jokes with Meera saying now Kunvarsa is also supportive for her it seems.

Meera advises for cleanliness of kitchen again due to Meat & washing all the vegetables by cutting to keep it aside. The maid intimates Raja’s sister what kind of food Meera will prepare now with this but she says to let’s see. Meera prepares delicious food of which the aroma spreads everywhere attracting Raja also.

Raja comes in kitchen while Raja’s sister watches the food prepared & immediately picks the delicious sweet from the plate to taste but Meera stops her saying to first it is to be kept in front of her Girhdar Prabhu & takes it away while Raja also tells his sister mother was also use to do this way of keeping food in front of God before eating it & she agrees with him.

The maid instigates Raja’s sister against behaviour of Meera but she says still nothing wrong is happening towards family’s pride but if such a time comes then she won’t listen to her brother too.


Vighnaharta Ganesh 10th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Raja’s friends express their helplessness due to eager to eat food prepared by Meera while Meera hears some Brahman’s singing prayers of Prabhu moving from their palace & she is attracted to see them but Raja’s sister is alerting Raja Bhojraj about Meera’s weird behaviour.

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Telecast Date:9th September 2021
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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