Vighnaharta Ganesh 9th October 2019 Written Episode Update


Vighnaharta Ganesh 9th October 2019 Written Episode Update, Vighnaharta Ganesh Written Update on

Vighnaharta Ganesh 9th October 2019 Episode Start With bhandasoor is doing fire yagna so he thinks he is still powerful to kill devi’s but his brother tells him to surrender as we can’t fight & bhandasoor gets very angry on him saying how come you can think that bhandasoor is coward as we can fight any kind of devi’s & he tells all of them to create a safety guard towards devi’s to enter as i am still powerful.
Bhandasoor’s daughter is talking with ganesh telling that I missed those blessings from mata so ganesh explains her that a very cute child like you will always be blessed by mata. Ganesh feels his stomach getting full with modak’s & he quiets himself while rashmi prabha is telling ganesh if you keep eating modaks then your stomach might get full & you will face trouble.
Parvati mata is talking with nandi & kartik that I am also feeling trouble how ganesh will come out of this eating promise as it should not harm him.
Ganesh is telling rashmiprabha that I have to keep eating as I have promised.
Mata parashakti is telling mushakji that if askhsa patra becomes small then modak’s will become small with no more development in it.
Rashmi prabha is telling ganesh that I will see that nothing will happen to you so ganesh is also saying I will also not allow anything to happen to you I promise so she tells ganesh that I will go to talk with father & to make you come out of this modak eating & ganesh feels glad about her.
Mata tells mushakji that you will need some help to enter the palace & she provides a fly’s help to make mushakji enter into palace to make asksha patra small.
Mata paravati is happy seeing this that mata parashkati will help ganesh by sending mushakji & he will do this job.
Rashmi prabha is searching her father but not finding him.
Mushakji is feeling difficult to enter into bhandasoor’s palace so chants name of ganeshji.
As some power comes out from fire so bhandasoor is saying i will use this fire power help to kill all those devi’s & all his sons & brothers are happy.
Mushakji is asking help from the fly to take him fast towards ganeshji & the fly moves very fast.
Rashmi prabha is in trouble thinking where is father gone & how can I help ganeshji then suddenly mushakji falls down & she sees mushak so he thinks saying I am not her enemy as she is bhandasoor’s daughter itself. Ganesh is feeling mushakji’s existence so he feels relaxed.
Bhandasoor is making his sons & brothers ready to fight against devi’s by explaining how they will come to attack & we will retaliate as my powers are ready with this fire yagna.
Devi’s are telling mata that bhandasoor is trying evil plans now to fight against us so to please give us permission to attack him so she tells them that there is right time to attack such evils & will decide who will do this which should happen as soon as sun rises.
Bhandasoor is asking who all are ready to do this attacking fight against devi’s so his sons get ready as well his brothers too but he says I will tell how & when to retaliate with proper planning as soon as sun rises.
Mushakji tells Rashmi prabha I have do something very fast to help ganeshji & she keeps seeing mushakji thinking.
Mata parashakti tells devi’s that you were right as bhandasoor is still behaving the same evil way & planning attack on us. Devi tells her that he will plan lot of his evil people with those powers to attack on us so you tell us from whom we should go to kill all of them so mata thinks & a small devi child immerges who is devi paltrapura sundari while all are stunned seeing her & she promises mata that I will definitely end this evil bhandasoor as he is sending his sons & brothers so I will alone kill them & mata feels glad about her.
As sun rises bhandasoor says now let them come & all my people will kill those devi’s but he sees a huge light immerging in front of him & he is shocked seeing a bright single mata comes to attack on him.


Vighnaharta Ganesh 10th October 2019 Written Episode Update Precap :Bhandasoor is praying saying this devi will get killed by all my army while devi paltrapura sundari says such evils are need to be punished & killed & as she throws all of them away then bhandasoor is shocked to see this.


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