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Vighnaharta Ganesh 8th June 2021 episode starts with Bela’s father comes to her telling that you were singing prayers so could not hear my voice calling you but she tells him that I was singing prayers hence could not hear you or it wouldn’t had happened that I won’t come to you after you calling me.
Bela shows him the art which she was making for her Prabhu to impress him but he tells her that he must have already got impressed by your prayers while Prabhu smiles.
Bela’s father takes her to show the produce of plants in his land which has given so nice green vegetables due to blessings of Prabhu & she tells him that now I’ll put Bhog of these vegetable to my Prabhu Jagannath. Two women wearing new saree costume come to give them Prasad while Bela asks her about her new saree costume & another tells her that it’s her birthday today hence she has worn a new saree & Bela also decides to wear new saree costume on her birthday to impress her Prabhu.
Senapati tells Madhav that she was so sweet girl who was deeply devoted to Prabhu Jagannath & he asks did she get the saree costume & he says that she was aware to not to bother her father hence she worked for that costume to achieve.
Bela plucks vegetables & visits dress maker taking those vegetables but he tells her that today I won’t allow you take anything from here as you have taken a lot from me but she tells him that I do not wish anything but a saree costume to wear on my birthday falling after seven days to impress Prabhu & he tells her I can’t give that & she tells him to only give materials so that I’ll make it on my own but he tells her that it’s not so easy work to make saree which is a very difficult & she asks him what to do hence he tells her to work for him as he is facing trouble due to his helper who isn’t good in working & not punctual too hence he can give saree in exchange of her work & she assures him that she’ll also provide him vegetables daily till seven days unless work isn’t completed.
Ganeshji says that such a small girl worked hard & also did all the work helping her father too for preparing food in the evening.
Bela works hard for her saree costume & also does all the work for her house as well as dress maker’s work & finally the day arrives to earn her costume to wear on her birthday. Bela’s Prabhu is also eagerly waiting for her birthday so that he’ll meet his devotee.
Bela goes to meet dress maker to take her costume but his person tells him that he hasn’t informed him anything about it & she returns feeling depressed thinking what she’ll wear on her birthday now to impress her Prabhu. The dress maker’s helper person thinks cursing Bela that now to see how she’ll get the saree.
Bela’s Prabhu is watching all this happened with her & feeling low while Bela shares her depression to her father but her friend comes to give her the saree while Bela feels very delighted but asks her how did she find this when dress maker wasn’t here. Prabhu itself had used his powers to do all this when the person threw the saree from window & Prabhu caught it converting himself into the dress maker & handing it to Bela’s friend to give her.
Bela’s father praises saying that it might be Prabhu’s blessings that you found this saree & Bela too fells the same praising her Prabhu.
Bela can’t sleep watching her saree which she’ll wear tomorrow for her birthday to impress her Prabhu while Prabhu also is restless & eager to pass this night for tomorrow’s day to meet his devotee Bela with her new worn costume.
Bela wakes & gets ready wearing her new costume while her father appreciates her beautiful looks. Bela goes to pluck vegetables while her Prabhu is watching her but while plucking her saree gets stuck in a branch but her Prabhu Jagannath watches feeling it might get dirty hence moves quickly to safeguard her costume for not making her feel depressed again while Balbhadra follows him for his safeguard & Subhadra also converts herself into Mata Paravati who also follows both of them wondering of any trouble.


Vighnaharta Ganesh 9th June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Bela comes to Jagannath temple telling her Prabhu that see as I promised I have come in my new saree costume while everybody feel happy about her. Bela sees Prabhu’s idol’s dress dirty hence asks I have worn so nice dress & why Prabhu’s dress is dirty while people in temple also wonder about it.

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Telecast Date:8th June 2021
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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