Vighnaharta Ganesh 8th January 2021 Written Episode Update


Vighnaharta Ganesh 8th January 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Vighnaharta Ganesh 8th January 2021 episode starts with Chandradhar sees his son wrote Bihula’s name in account book & smiles telling him to ready the boat as I wish to go to Ujjain.
Mansa gets happy seeing Chandradhar’s happiness towards his son who too is blushing for marriage with Bihula.
Bihula tries hiding the painting from her father to avoid seeing it or he’ll get angry. She sleeps & dreams about Ganesh advised her to think of God & meditate.
Saha gets up in midnight while his wife asks what happened & he expresses her that do not know who’ll tie knot with my daughter.
Bihula is taking out water from well while Lakhinder comes to meet her & she asks him how come you here & he expresses his feelings that it pulled me towards you. A snake bites Bihula & he is trying to help her get out the poison from her but unable so takes her to a Vaid & he does not find any Vaid but Bihula comes out of the dreams which she was seeing so her parents come asking her what happened & she calms them telling I am ok but Saha sees painting of Lakhinder & tells his wife he is son of Chandradhar so tries to go to meet him but his wife stops asking what you’ll do & he tells her I do not wish to push my daughter’s life into darkness by getting married to Chandradhar’s son due to my promise to him while Bihula hears & explains him that my fate is written with blessings of Mata as you are aware hence I am just worried about you but then too Saha insists that I won’t allow your marriage to happen with Chandradhar’s son.
Chandradhar comes asking him will you break your promise or do not have faith in my devotion while Bihula also insists him to keep faith.
Chandradhar is forcing him to answer while he remembers abut Ganesh in Brahman form had advised him of his daughter’s life in future which will be blessed so he tells Chandradhar to go & bring your son & I’ll marry my daughter to Bihula & all feel delighted including Bihula who blushes.
Ganesh asks Mansa are you not happy while she tells him how can I as I have to squeeze Bihula’s husband on first night itself which is very depressing for my devotee’s life making me very emotional towards her but Devi Kadru explains her this is fate which is already written so need to follow.
Chandradhar is telling his wife all arrangements are done of sweet making & other items while Bihula sees her father being taking all trouble to let his daughter’s marriage smoothly so she calms her father telling to not to worry as I your daughter will never make your pride fall low & also remember what Ganesh in Brahman form had told you about me that my life will be blessed.
Lakhinder asks his Mother is everything ok & seeing she is in thoughts who can’t see milk coming up so asks her why are you in trouble while she tells him that why should I be in trouble as your father has gone to meet his friend to ask your daughter’s hands for your marriage while Chandradhar comes giving them good news that his friend has accepted his proposal but Lakhinder tells him mother was in thoughts so he tells him that problem has also being tackled telling him who is devotee of Mahakaal is not scared by any problems & the same is uttered by Lakhinder also joyfully.
Bihula explains Saha again & again to not to worry & only remember that Mata’s blessings are with us & if anything wrong also happens then too I’ll convince Mata through Prabhu Mahadev to bless us.
Mansa says that Bihula does not know what fate is written in future but she is an able girl who might overcome her hurdles.
Bihula’s dressing up is happening while she dreams of some unavoidable incidence happened shocking her & gets scared murmuring praying Mata that this mustn’t happen while all maids are thinking otherwise that she is eager for her husband to arrive early which can’t be controlled it seems & everybody laugh.
Mansa is moving towards marriage place while Lakhinder is also getting ready with prayers done by his mother & appreciated by Chandradhar watching his son but feels somebody coming & Mansa arrives & he thinks he shouldn’t get scared & Mansa tells him I am here to explain you but instead Chandradhar tells her that I am devotee of Prabhu Mahadev whom you cannot break from his devotion hence why you always come to interfere in my life.


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Telecast Date:8th January 2021
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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