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Vighnaharta Ganesh 7th October 2020 episode starts with rishi emerging into asoor moves to behead king but suddenly vinayak holds his hands by which devi calms & throws him towards narantak killing him instantly as he gets wild while naresh prays vinayak pleading & moving around him chanting his trouble washing mantra as vinayak gets impressed saying now it’s my turn to face narantak & goes to face him while narantak is challenging vinayak telling to leave as you are a small child but vinayak instigates him saying are you trying to run away i guess & he gets annoyed planning to attack as vinayak gets ready.
Devantak & narantak’s father is explaining devantak to stop him or might be narantak won’t return i am scared about but he calms his parents but his mother also says not to fight with gods then too devantak is adamant.
Narantak challenging vinayak & attacks while his weapons are getting destroyed making him shocked how can this happen.
Parents are again trying to remind devantak about the message which he had got from boons that son of paravati & mahadev will be reason for your killing but he ignores saying i have faith in my brother & not in that message.
Narantak getting wild jumps challenging vinayak to attack while vinayak retaliates him with his powers instantly cutting his neck making it fall in their palace where his brother devantak & parents get shocked seeing his son beheaded & parents are crying depressingly while devantak steering shockingly. His mother is blaming him for brother getting killed by challenging god vinayak.
King naresh is praising prabhu bhokat vinayak with all his people but his wife is still feeling threat of his brother devantak but naresh calms explaining about to leave on prabhu vinayak now as he’ll take care of it.
Devantak is wondering about his brother’s death & thinking was that message true. Vinayak arrives in darkness to devantak’s palace to warn him as he was already told to be alert but instead devantak is abusing vinayak challenging him I’ll show you my powers now but devantak sees his brother arriving & he is calming him but he takes him to sleep while devantak sees graveyard bed arranged for him by which he gets wild but was dreaming & calms immediatelyas this was signal from vinayak to him which he doesn’t realize.
Devantak challenging vinayak & arrives on battlefield while vinayak is informed so naresh asks permission to come along with him for support but vinayak explains him support is there is with me of my mother’s blessings as i have promised her as soon as i complete my work i’ll return so she must be waiting for me too as there is no ultimate support than mother’s prayers & blessings for her son by which king naresh also admires his thoughts.
Mata aditi is expressing her feelings to rishi kashyap about her eagerness for awaiting vinayak to arrive soon.
Vinayak arrives with kaali devi & devta as support on battlefield explaining devantak that as you have lost your brother so to learn from this or you will also lose your life but he is more adamant than narantak abusing vinayak & vinayak says that if a person becomes blind in his thoughts then he is dire to lose himself. Devantak shouts him to stop all this & challenges him attacking his powers but vinayak destroys all his powers & again explains him but he gets down on the ground challenging to fight as vinayak also comes to fight with him.
Mata aditi is remembering him eagerly which vinayak understands in battlefield so he thinks to complete his work & return to mata immediately.
Devantak attacks vinayak with his gadha weapon while vinayak defends but devantak again hits his weapon breaking vinayak’s tooth which angers all gods & goddesses while mata aditi becomes restless getting some signal about vinayak in trouble. Devantak laughs saying now see how i break your second tooth also & throws his weapon but vinayak alerts him saying see you have only given me weapon to kill you so he too throws his tooth weapon destroying his weapon as well as piercing his forehead killing him instantly while his parent’s get shocked & depressed while all gods, goddesses as well as king naresh & his wife praise vinayak.

Precap : 

Vighnaharta Ganesh 8th October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Vinayak wonders if mata aditi will be able to realize me & she realizes him. Vinayak is serving mata aditi while mata paravati becoming uneasy feeling ganesh is calling mata to other woman so i have to go to him & she reaches near mata aditi’s hut where vinayak is making mata aditi sleep.

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Telecast Date:7th October 2020
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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