Vighnaharta Ganesh 7th November 2019 Written Episode Update

Vighnaharta Ganesh Written Update

Vighnaharta Ganesh 7th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Vighnaharta Ganesh Written Update on

Vighnaharta Ganesh 7th November 2019 Episode Start With bhandasoor asking prabhu ganesh why this is happening inspite I meditated to you so mata parashakti explains him what you will understand about meditation which you did for your selfishness only so bhandasoor tells her that you don’t think ganesh is my birth father but I myself am my birth father & ganesh feels surprised hearing this & also he is explaining about ganeshji’s behavior so simple & he took advantage of him in various ways. He keeps giving details how he took advantage of ganeshji at various times.

Mata parashakti scolds bhandasoor that you never understood ganeshji & he again challenges mata to let ganeshji to face me & mata tells him that I accept your challenge & she also promises that till ganesh does not give me signals till them I won’t attack you by any of my weapons & this war will be fought with ganesh’s brains & he accepts it. Ganesh is confused how did mata kept such kind of promise.

Mata is explaining bhandasoor who are you ,me & pratham pujya ganesh.
Ganesh says mata has put all responsibilities on me & mata tells ganesh that as per my orders you were away from this battlefield & now you have to obey my orders & no devi will use her weapons till you don’t give solutions about it.
Bhandasoor is in surprising condition.

Ganesh is taking blessings from mata telling her as as per your orders I should face this situation. Bhandasoor is telling ganesh you need blessings now. Ganesh explains bhandasoor that who ever gets mata’s blessings he becomes eternal. Mata paravati says bhandasoor is a fool not understanding that ganesh is having mata’s blessings who is ultimate powerful to wipe out all evils.

Ganesh is warning bhandasoor that now your end has come by all your evil acts to finish. Bhandasoor is also challenging ganesh reminding how he killed his own daughter taking the weapon in his hands & making ganesh feel to think about his daughter rashmiprabha. Bhandasoor uses his powers with his weapon hitting on the ground shaking the whole land & all are watching this.All gods are watching the dangerous mountain saying bhandasoor will use this dangerous mountain.

Bhandsoor is calling those evils on the mountain & they are praising him while he is telling them I am giving you a chance to do this evil process & all say we are ready to help you & bhandasoor is challenging mata parashakti that you will see what I do & be ready to face & he is ordering his evil to attack the mata as she had killed you so he says I am ready & he is getting ready with his wild form to attack mata, ganesh & her devi army’s.
All gods are surprised seeing who are these when all his evils are killed.

Bhandasoor is telling prabhu you must be wondering who is this evil & you will get shocked what kind of weapon I have used by which you will get disturbed & ganesh is confused as bhandasoor is attacking with his human powers showing his daughter to ganesh. Kartik is also saying bhandasoor is disturbing ganesh with his daughter’s image & ganesh is explaining bhandasoor you may be trying to divert my attention towards your daughter rashmiprabha but I won’t lose my control & as evil animals are coming running towards ganesh, mata & devi army’s so ganesh is confused who can they be & what can be the solution of bhandsoor’s this attack. Mata & all devi’s are seeing them coming towards them running very fast while ganesh is saying why can’t I think about solution for this & I can’t waste time to resolve this.


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