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Vighnaharta Ganesh 7th January 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Vighnaharta Ganesh 7th January 2021 episode starts with Brahman bringing the trader again explaining him while Mushak tells Ganesh that our plans again failed but Ganesh tells him think of some unique plan now but he says I am tired of thinking now & Ganesh sees trader’s purse fallen so tells Mushak to go & give him & Mushak stops him while trader again gets bugged for stopping him from going for some good work but Mushak tells him I just wanted to give your purse fallen behind while his trader’s Brahman tells him this is not any kind of fault for problems to create for your work but then too trader tells him stopping in between is always wrong.
Still trader is going with Brahman & reaches near Saha’s house while he comes out of the house to welcome trader but facing lot of troubles in his path so expresses that it might be we faced so much trouble to come towards this family getting signal to not to marry my son to their daughter as she might be having some fault while Saha shouts him saying you cannot blame my daughter as we are still not joined our relations but trader says I do not wish to get related also & leaves but Brahman tries stopping him & now he doesn’t. Saha falls down in pain while Mushak expresses his feelings towards Saha to Ganesh & Ganesh tells him this has to happen because he was marrying a wrong person.
Chandradhar’s wife expresses her feelings to him saying that I feel this rope is torn it means our son’s knot is broken with Bihula & he too says that I too saw her & who she asking was it Mansa & yes he says & also decides he’ll go immediately to meet Saha now.
Mansa happily praises Ganesh saying this was the plan of Ganesh it seems.
Saha finds Ganesh & invites to his house to show Kundli of his daughter & Ganesh accepts his invitation happily.
Ganesh sees Mushak watching sweets & food prepared feeling delicious so tells Saha that you have to give us Dakshina first & Saha gets confused asking what you wish but Ganesh tells him no money or wealth but stomach full modak’s & sweets & Bihula smiles while Saha feels relaxed. After eating Ganesh asks who prepared it & Saha tells none other than Bihula itself who has really good hands in preparation.
Ganesh is seeing the book while Bihula is leaving & Ganesh asks don’t you wish to hear but she tells him that whatever Mata decides will be my fate which I happily accept & leaves while Ganesh blesses her.
Ganesh seeing the Kundli remembers what their earlier Brahman had told him but Ganesh uses her brains & tells Saha that your daughter’s life will be blessed with the person whom she marries & that person is also a big trader who is handling business in such a small age while Saha remembers his village person who was appreciating Chandradhar’s son but Ganesh also tells him that your daughter will become famous in her deeds that her name’s festival will also be performed in future & he gets very happy hearing this & gives Ganesh some coins as Dakshina. Ganesh while leaving also appreciates Bihula telling her that your Mata’s blessings will always be there with you.
Ganesh intimates Mansa that your work has being completed while she also tells him that I have also done my work told by you.
Bihula is doing painting losing herself in Lakhinder’s thoughts while she makes his painting & gets blushed & the same way Lakhinder also writing his account book but he too writes Bihula’s name on last page & his father Chandradhar comes to check the book & finds Bihula’s name written by Lakhinder & smiles.
Mansa appreciates Ganesh saying now this marriage will finally happen with help of Ganesh itself who really is very smart.


Vighnaharta Ganesh 8th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Saha tells Chandradhar to go & get your son & I will marry my daughter with your son. Mansa leaves & sends her snake towards marriage celebration happening & bites Lakhinder while all including Bihula also are shocked.

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Telecast Date:7th January 2021
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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