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Vighnaharta Ganesh 7th August 2020 episode starts with demon is crushed down on the ground by ganesh but soorasahi watches & curses soorapadman & uses her powers to give to the demon & he gets up again challenging both ganesh & veerbhau that I won’t allow you to go & uses the powers to stop ganesh & veerbhau but ganesh slowly grows himself large to show the demon his powers & ganesh kills demon. Soorasahi & soorapadman are shocked so soorapadman closes the doors of the den he is hidden while soorasahi is cursing soorapadman why he is hiding himself as he should face the challenge & soorapadman’s brother is trying to explain soorasahi but she tells him I can sacrifice anybody even my sons & he gets shocked again about her mother’s words.
Ganesh is telling soorapadman to come out of the den as you were thinking you are bigger warrior isn’t it while soorapadman thinks they have the powers to kill me as they have destroyed my weapons too & soorapadman is trying to run away due to sunset nearing. Soorasahi is watching soorapadman & soorapadman thinks is it that we might lose this war as all my tricks are failing & ganesh sees him going towards the bhawan.
Soorasahi watches crows flying on their heads & wondering why they are here.
Soorapadman is held by his brother explaining him that it’s none other than our mother’s selfishness because of her ego she can sacrifice all of us. Soorapadman is in his thoughts & he does not hear him while his brother tries to make him listen & he comes out of his thoughts of scare of losing & asks him what you said so soorasahi says I’ll tell you as she understood his brother is instigating him against her.
Soorapadman’s son bhanugopan also comes there & soorapadman again thinks what answer should I give him about my loss in battlefield now if he asks.
Bhanugopan is explaining soorapadman that like I wasn’t ready yesterday the same way you were not ready for today’s day so I am not blaming you & soorasahi says never mind as it’s of no use now because they are not so powerful what they show & bhanugopan asks soorasahi it you permit then tomorrow I’ll go to fight with planned strategy & soorapadman asks him how you will fight as you have lost your hand but soorasahi tells him that I’ll make bhanugopan ready for tomorrow because you could not punish your wife too & I have clutched both of your wives in dark prison where jayant is jailed because they were helping him. Soorasahi tells bhanugopan to get ready for tomorrow.
Devsena is helping the woman how to do pooja of the statue & she is doing accordingly while kartik is feeling uneasy sleeping & ganesh watches so asks him should I help you but he is feeling about devsena & smiling in his sleep.
Soorapadman is scolding his wife & his brother’s wife too in dark room saying why you went against mother & they are expressing him about their love towards their sons & we do not wish to lose them but he is still scolding them saying why you came here to release this jayant going against mother’s wishes & they are expressing his dedication towards his god so came to ask help for our children’s & they are pleading him so soorapadman tells them you have to ask forgiveness from mother & they accept his wish.
Soorasahi is advising bhanugopan how to make use of weapons towards gods & all are praising bhanugopan while soorapadman brings his wife along with his brother’s wife to plead in front of mother for forgiveness & they are pleading but she says you have to be given punishment for all you did & soorapadman including his sons are shocked so soorasahi tells them to clear the crows shouting & flying on our bhawan so they go to do while bhanugopan move towards battlefield & his mother feels depressed I could not even bless him for his war ahead.
Devsena is wondering how come again this woman comes before me & doing pooja of my swami as she does not have this right because he is my swami so she tries to tell her to not to do but she tells her I can do pooja of him as he is my swami & devsena gets depressed but also thinks that anybody has the right to do pooja of gods like all do for mahadev so she thinks again I can tell her how to do so she’ll understand & I can also be near my swami so she tells her that but the woman replies that it’ll be good you teaching me how to do his pooja but I feel any god sees dedication of a devotee & not the way he does pooja & again devsena gets confused how to tackle her.

Precap : 

Vighnaharta Ganesh 10th August 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Bhanugopan is shooting his weapons as war is on & veerbhau gets injured & immediately kartik gets shocked & shouts to veerbhau to stop while veerbhau’s brother too gets hit by bhanugopan’s weapon.

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Telecast Date:7th August 2020
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