Vighnaharta Ganesh 6th January 2021 Written Episode Update


Vighnaharta Ganesh 6th January 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Vighnaharta Ganesh 6th January 2021 episode starts with Chandradhar is calming Lakhinder that he’ll meet Saha within two weeks. Saha also feels Chandradhar will himself come now.
Bihula is blushing about her earlier meet with Lakhinder feeling attracted towards him while Lakhinder is also smiling in his own & his mother asks him what happened you are smiling within yourself so he tells her everything about his meet with an unknown girl in Ujjain towards whom he got attracted feeling he has some relations with her of his last birth it seems & also tells his mother her name which he heard as Bihula while his mother is shocked & Chandradhar is surprised.
Bihula’s mother also asks her why she is blushing & she too discloses her feeling towards a boy whom she saw feeling the same like Lakhinder.
Ganesh tells Mansa to see that their lives are already decided by fate which will play important role in this & she feels relaxed.
Chandradhar’s wife intimates him that see your son has met Bihula in which fate has decided it seems while he tells her that I will go in two weeks time to meet Saha for his daughter’s hand to our son which nobody can stop now.
Saha tells his wife that I have to call that Brahman as soon as possible to get our daughter married to another able person instead Chandradhar’s son before he plans anything towards our daughter to get married to his son but his wife tells him they have some fault as he had told us but Saha explains her who doesn’t has fault in them which we too have some other but that isn’t a big matter as our daughter will lead her life happily.
Mansa feels depressed but Ganesh says this is not so big issue because then why I am here if I can’t help you so think what Saha’s Brahman had said that his proposal has some fault of the trader having blind faith & Mansa appreciates Ganesh while Ganesh calls Mushak also for help & tells sister Mansa that your help will be required when we are in the process of talking terms with Saha then you have to show yourself to Chandradhar.
Ganesh & Mushak in disguise are roaming around Ujjain near Saha spreading Ganesh’s ability to help people for getting proper advice for their long lasting life but nobody responds so Ganesh intimates Mushak to use some other good options so that Saha will hear & once Saha is coming with his daughter & Mushak keeps screaming about Ganesh’s ability to advice of their son’s or daughter’s future marriage predictions who is great in himself & Saha hears asking his daughter this Brahman person seems great so is your wish to ask him about your future & she blushingly says yes & Ganesh calms Mushak that the day will come for us to meet Saha now.
Before Ganesh & Mushak could go to meet Saha they see their Brahaman coming with that trader along with his son & wife to meet for deciding proposal of Saha’s daughter so Ganesh intimates Mushak to create disturbance making the trader feel scared due to his fault of blind faith so Ganesh gives a pot to Mushak to bring water which falls from his hands in front of the trader & he gets scared this is wrong to happen hence to not to go to meet at this time but Brahman is telling him we’ll pray in Mata’s temple & then proceed & he accepts his advice. Ganesh again plans sending Mushak to break coconut in front of Mata’s Idol where they are praying hence Mushak breaks it so hard that the part of it flows & hits trader’s son by which the trader again gets scared saying this shouldn’t had happen hence we won’t meet that person now & they leave while their Brahman becomes helpless to stop them.
Chandradhar’s wife is tying rope to woods & Chandradhar too comes to help her while Mansa remembers about Ganesh had told her to show herself to Chandradhar.
Chandradhar’s wife appreciates him saying it seems like we are tying knot to our son for his marriage & he praises his Prabhu Mahadev due to whom we are blessed while Mansa emerges intimating Chandradhar who is shocked seeing her & woods fall from his hands surprising his wife.


Vighnaharta Ganesh 7th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Ganesh in form of Brahman Rishi explaining Saha about a proposal of a big trader which he has for his daughter Bihula & if she marries him than festival will be performed by his daughter’s name in future due to unique capability of handling her husband’s trouble.

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Telecast Date:6th January 2021
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