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Vighnaharta Ganesh 5th January 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Vighnaharta Ganesh 5th January 2021 episode starts with Bihula saved by Nagmata Mansa who prays her while her father is searching who it is whom Bihula is praying but calls him down & she gets down telling her father that to see this Mata saved her but Mansa vanished & they are unable to see her while the branch falls & Bihula tells Saha that see Mata had stopped me from falling down from the branch by holding it & he too praises Mata who must have only saved her.
Devi Kadru asks Mansa why you went to save her while Ganesh asks father Mahadev that you had only said after Lakhinder & Bihula’s marriage Lakhinder will die immediately than how will sister Mansa achieve Devi’s status so Mahadev explains Ganesh that you have already got the answer in the incidence happened just now seeing Bihula’s helping nature who can save a child not caring of her life than what more she can do for her husband when she gets married.
Mansa explains Devi Kadru that she is so beautiful & great for helping a child by not caring of herself too hence I loved her attitude towards life having helpful nature. Devi Kadru says that you were going to convince her to marry Lakhinder but Mansa says this has to be seen ahead what fate has written of them but Ganesh comes explaining Mansa that fate will make them come face to face.
Chandradhar is getting ready to leave to his friend’s place at Ujjain but Lakhinder is insisting him that he’ll go instead & his mother also tells him that your father won’t listen to us but Lakhinder says I too am stubborn like father hence he has to listen to me by giving a note to his friend & I’ll give him his message so Chandradhar accepts his son’s advice & writes a note giving it to Lakhinder.
Ganesh thinks telling Mansa that now Lakhinder will get to meet Bihula it seems & also keep faith in devotional power which helps from every angle to overcome all hurdles.
Lakhinder tells to one villager reaching at Ujjain that who is ultimate devotee of Prabhu Mahadev is never scared by any hurdles to face while this is also heard by Saha who feels about the same statement Chandradhar use to say & Lakhinder introduces himself to that person about who his father is & Saha hides as Lakhinder expresses the person that he has some other work too of meeting his father’s friend Saha whom he has to give message of his father & the person tries to help him showing who Saha is who was there itself but Saha isn’t found hence the person explains Lakhinder about Saha’s location while Saha hearing it plans to avoid him.
Saha runs towards his family to hide his daughter from him to meet her & also to not to get the message as he knows that he cannot ignore the message of Chandradhar if taken which is of his daughter’s marriage to his son but does not see his daughter home so asks his wife where she is while she tells him she is about to come.
Lakhinder is roaming around Ujjain searching Saha’s place while Bihula comes having plate in her hand & sees Lakhinder as Lakhinder also sees her appreciating her beauty while Bihula also appreciates his looks. They both are steering each other but Bihula’s father’s message comes her calling & she leaves watching Lakhinder & Saha takes them to temple to hide from Lakhinder but Bihula asks Saha that why you brought us here as I had just finished my Pooja of Mata but Saha is fooling her of meeting Brahman of temple for some work & she tells him Brahman will take time to return.
Lakhinder finds the house of Saha but locked so he sits outside his place to wait till Saha returns.
Saha is feeling Lakhinder is waiting for him outside his place which he does not wish to while Brahman returns & Saha feels why he came back so early.
Ganesh tells Mansa that fate will decide how to attract both of them towards each other.
Saha tells Brahman to search a proposal for his daughter & Brahman appreciates Bihula saying she is very helpful girl who also helps me performing Pooja daily & he suggests a trader who is also devotee of Mata but little stubborn while Bihula blushes & leaves but Saha gets annoyed why she went.
Lakhinder & Bihula again see each other & keep steering while Saha understands telling his wife that son of Chandradhar has come to give me message which I know what can it be so do not wish to fall in his trap of promise done earlier.
Lakhinder gets message from boat operator for having to leave as sun is setting & leaves watching Bihula. Saha feels better of Lakhinder left.
Chandradhar tells Lakhinder to not to worry as he feels better now & will plan to go after two weeks to meet Saha again.
Ganesh thinks telling Mansa that Saha must not become hurdle for your Devi’s title to achieve while Mansa feeling little depressed.


Vighnaharta Ganesh 6th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Ganesh plans to meet Saha & goes in form of Brahman Rishi to explain him about a proposal of a big trader which he has for his daughter Bihula if she marries him than festival will be performed by his daughter’s name in future. Saha asks him who is it but?

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Telecast Date:5th January 2021
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