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Vighnaharta Ganesh 4th January 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Vighnaharta Ganesh 4th January 2021 episode starts with Ganesh explains sister Mansa that as per father’s predictions marriage of Chandradhar’s son & Sahu’s daughter is ultimate solution for your path opening to achieve title of Devi & Also her mother Devi Kadru insists her to stop Sahu from leaving Chandradhar’s place but she tells both of them that now I won’t do anything but let the fate decide.
Chandradhar’s son growing up slowly & he takes him along to the temple of Prabhu Mahadev explaining him on the way that you should always pray for Prabhu Mahadev who is ultimate God for this entire world.
Sahu‘s daughter also simultaneously growing up & he takes her along to his Mata’s temple to do Pooja while she asks him why we can’t also do Pooja of Prabhu Mahadev instead Mata & he explains her that devotion be it in any form ultimately reaches God who has various forms of his own if it’s Mata’s or Prabhu Mahadev’s but your mother & I love to meditate for Mata hence we do Pooja of Mata.
Chandradhar sees his son tired to climb the mountain of Mahadev’s temple so he lifts him & takes towards the temple explaining him that when you grow bigger you have to climb on your own & complete the Pooja rituals regularly while here Chandradhar is performing Pooja of Mata along with his wife & daughter.
Chandradhar’s son Lakhinder grows up & gets ready to leave for temple along with his father as he becomes aged & his wife brings him shawl to cover but Lakhinder tells her to not to worry when Prabhu Mahadev is with us & his father asks his wife did you get the answer while she praises him saying you have made your son like you only.
Simultaneously Sahu’s daughter Vibhula also grows up & they too leave for temple of Mata to perform Pooja as per daily routine.
Chandradhar is holding stick to climb the mountain while Lakhinder sees him tired so he offers his father help but his father denies then too Lakhinder explains him that when I was small you took all kind of care to help me then now it’s my duty towards my parents to also help them in their old age so I’ll lift you & Chandradhar appreciates him & also pray’s his Prabhu Mahadev in temple that to help in getting a suitable wife for him.
Sahu also prays Mata wishing for a suitable Groom for his daughter while Devi Kadru intimates Mansa that now is your time to do something but Mansa insists telling that let the fate decide as I won’t interfere in this matter.
Chandradhar expresses his wife saying that now our son has become an able person to get married so now is the time to ask my friend Sahu for his daughter’s hand for our son while his wife gets scared thinking about Rishi who had predicted her son’s death because of Snake.
Sahu also expresses his wish to his wife for marrying his daughter by finding a suitable Groom for her but she reminds him about his promise to his friend Chandradhar to marry to his son but he also remembers about Rishi who had predicted about his death so he tells her that I have already told another Rishi to find a suitable Groom which he might have already found.
Mansa is shocked hearing Sahu’s decision hence her mother Devi Kadru intimates her to intervene now to re-join both the friends again together.
Chandradhar explains his wife calming that I understand your trouble but to not to worry as I have taught our son devotion to Prabhu Mahadev so nothing will happen to him & she calms.
Sahu takes his daughter to his shop but she sees a child climbed a tree who is trying to pull the kite stuck on it & the branch is about to fall as Vibhula runs towards the tree to help him & she too climbs the tree while her father comes running to help her & Mansa is watching as Vibhula catches the child from falling down & hands over to her father but Vibhula is about to fall & prays Mata while Nagmata Mansa holds the branch & she feels relaxed but sees Mansa & prays her while her father is watching whom she is praying but it’s invisible for him.


Vighnaharta Ganesh 5th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Nagmata Mansa sends her snake to kill Lakhinder, son of Chandradhar who is sitting with his wife Vibhula & snake bites him which kills him instantly & his wife is shocked.

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Telecast Date:4th January 2021
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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