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Vighnaharta Ganesh 3rd January 2020 Written Episode , Vighnaharta Ganesh Written Update on

Vighnaharta Ganesh 3rd January 2020 Episode Start With manikantha changes his form in swami ayappa in front of his family & they all pray him. His maharaj father praises him in depression while he asks permission if I wish to meet you then what to do so he promises him that I will accept your gift whenever there will be start of makar Sankranti & tells him where my arrow touches then there will be my temple to stand & mata paravati explains ganesh that it went on a mountain & so it was named as shabarimala & accordingly 18 steps immerged there.
An old woman prays swami ayappa chanting his mantra while all including mahadev too chant his name.
Mata explains that after this his finger prints immerged on land & later prabhu parshuram gave artistic face to swami ayappa’s image & ayappa’s image blesses him so mata explains that he blessed all on this day of makar sankanti & all mata get his blessings on this day so ganesh says if i knew this before then I would had being there so mata tells him you can go now too. Ganesh comes to his father asking permission if I also can take this opportunity to do this process so mahadev tells him that I also will be honored to give you this allowance & we both will go to shabarimala to take blessings of swami ayappa.
They both do his process of Pooja & ganesh chants swami ayappa’s name doing this Pooja while rashmiprabha & mata are feeling happy of seeing this so mahadev too help him chanting mantra & completing the process. Mahadev tells ganesh that we are on completion of this process so to open this pouch & put the materials in his plate as per told to you & proceed for further process.
Mahadev explains ganesh of all places of swami ayappa visited & achieved his goals so they both together to pray those places.
Mahadev & ganesh pray swami ayappa to immerge while doing Pooja & he immerges praying mahadev as his father & talk with them of various devotional things to do in this world for people to bring them in light of meditation & devotion towards god. He thanks both of them & they pray him.
Ganesh & mahadev are walking from the jungles after finishing their fast & Pooja so ganesh is thinking as fast is finished so I am feeling very hungry but how can I tell father as mother could had understood immediately aboutmy hunger & I am seeing modak’s everywhere then mahadev understands this & says that I & your mother are not separate & I too understand your difficulty so not to worry as you will find your favourite modak’s & food as soon as we reach kailash. Mata paravai is telling all her helpers to make it fast because as soon as ganesh arrives then he will ask modak’s first so to do it fast.
Mahadev stops & ganesh asks him what happened then he tells him before we go there is one more work to complete of some soul to bless.
They both are watching a rishi coming towards them & mahadev prays him including ganesh too & he also pray them telling I am blessed getting your blessings then mahadev asks him I feel your are in trouble so he explains them about his trouble of he facing difficulty of problem in his thoughts so mahadev tells him time comes when a person has to face difficulty sometimes but you have to asks brahmadev & nobody else & he thanks mahadev for advising him & takes leave from him.
Ganesh tells mahadev I saw first time whom you have prayed so he must be a special rishi & mahadev tells him he is none other than avatar of Narayan who is known as rishi jigyasa who was born to give knowledge to the people in this world.


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Telecast Date: 3rd January 2020
Distributed By : Sony Tv and Sony Liv


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