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Vighnaharta Ganesh 30th November 2020 episode starts with Lord Shri Krishna trying to feed Sudama but Sudama says I can’t due to my children’s must be starving & Shri Krishna through his powers created food plates for his family & Sudama’s wife sees food provided by her husband’s friend Prabhu Shri Krishna who has blessed them & getting very delighted about it & prays Prabhu while Shri Krishna tells Sudama to have it as your family must have eaten food till now asking him don’t believe me & he feels happy thinking how I can’t have faith in you & eats it.
Shri Krishna takes Sudama inside to talk with him & he is asking him didn’t you bring anything for me but he is becoming reluctant to give his Prabhu what he has brought so Shri Krishna takes from him the cloth pouch he has brought & finds Grain Chivda in it by which he appreciates telling his wife to see what sister in law has sent for me & as he eats one gulp Sudama’s family gets all kinds of food materials & as Shri Krishna eats second gulp Sudama’s family gets palace like shelter including the clothing to match & as he is about to eat the third one then Shri Krishna’s wife holds his hands intimating him through her eyes that if you eat this then Sudama will achieve your feet blessings as you have already blessed his family with everything they required so let me have eat & she tells him that let me also taste this as all you are eating it & he give her too. Sudama feels blessed seeing Devi also eating it.
Sudama takes leave from his Prabhu & goes towards his place but thinks that when I’ll tell children’s about how lovingly I was welcomed in Dwarka they’ll feel so happy but how should I convince my wife about not asking my Prabhu for help & as he reaches he sees his place converted into palace but trying to leave from there thinking it’s not his house it seems but his wife comes calling him saying that your Prabhu has blessed us with everything & he got so overjoyed that they all praise Prabhu Shri Krishna.
Sudama narrates all gods this way I was blessed due to this Pooja I performed.
Brahmadev explains that whoever does this Pooja gets all his wishes fulfilled getting blessings of their Swami & also this Pooja spreads loving atmosphere without any competition within the family. Valli & Devsena feels to achieve Swami’s attention we use to compete which is wrong it seems & not to behave this way again.
Brahmadev says there is one more lesson we have to learn from Raja Katyar who will narrate with is own words.
Raja Katyar narrates that I was a wood cutter in my last Birth by which I use to get day to day earnings for my family but one day we were searching a dry tree which we couldn’t find.
Three persons in which Katyar also & they find a dry tree after roaming so much throughout the jungle but Katyar sees that it’s not fully dried due to some live branch is still there with flowers so he tells his friends to not to cut this but his friends refuses saying after so much trouble of searching we have found one which will help our family so let’s cut it but Katyar refuses saying that I won’t which I feel is not good to do evil deed with this tree but if you wish then you can while I’ll search somewhere else.
Katyar moves somewhere to search but he finds Palace where Sudama was performing Pooja & feels how he got so much rich & he asks Sudama for water & his wife brings it in a golden pot by which he gets again shocked that water in gold pot. Sudama provides him Prasad & he ties in his cloth knot so Sudama asks him you are hungry then why are you tying it & Katyar replies that my parents are very old so without them I do not eat anything so Sudama tells him that I’ll give you more for them & he is surprised wondering how rich has he become who was so poor so he asks Sudama that you were very poor & Sudama tells him yes but I did this Shri Hari’s Satyanarayan Pooja by which I got blessings of Shri Hari & blessed me all this so henceforth I did not stopped this performing forever. Katyar asks him how to do this can you explain me & Sudama gives him the tips.
Raja Katyar narrates to all gods that this way my troubles were wiped out from my life & I also became a Raja of my place later with blessings of Shri Hari.
Raja Katyar narrates one more story of his birth as shipper who use to help people crossing the river which gave him his day to day earnings.
One day Katyar sees Shri Ram, Devi Sita & Shri Laxman & he prays them saying that I got blessed with your emergence here & Shri Ram tells him will you make us cross this river but he gets confused so Shri Ram asks him what happened & he expresses that I have heard as your feet touches anything than everything changes so if you enter my boat than may be my boat will become such a thing by which my family would get affected for my day to day life’s earnings to feed them & Shri Ram gets surprised hearing his difficulty.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 1st December 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Devi Mansa, the third daughter of Mahadev & Mata Paravati is moving towards Kailash wildly for asking why she was ignored for this Satyanarayan Pooja while Ganesh is wondering some storm is coming near Kailash it seems.

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Telecast Date:30th November 2020
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