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Vighnaharta Ganesh 30th December 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Vighnaharta Ganesh 30th December 2020 episode starts with Ganesh appreciates Mata Paravati for showing him the right direction towards that if anger can create trouble than deep Devotion can also save the person hence he goes to face Mansa while she is telling him that now you can’t stop me for asking father about my trouble but Ganesh asks her what happened & she tells him you know everything that Chandradhar is still saved by father Mahadev who has betrayed his promise but Ganesh tells her he hasn’t as well as nobody in this Brahmand has helped him & she wonders asking him that what has saved him then so he explains her his good deeds of deep devotion towards Mahadev which he hs achieved in so many years & Mansa is shocked while Ganesh tells her see how destruction is created due to your anger which is called as power which destructs the same way good deeds gives appreciation of helping the person & Mansa understands but expresses him that it means I can’t ever make him my devotee but Ganesh tells her that you can because till the time his good deeds blessings are with him he is safe but once it ends he’ll face trouble which has started due to his egoistic behaviour & she asks him how can I know about his good deeds how much it is remaining & he suggests to go to Brahmadev’s helper Shri Chitragupta who will give information of Chandardhar’s good & evil deeds knowledge.
Chitragupta is attending some people intimating about their deeds & informs them about their end which is nearing.
Mansa arrives asking him when is my end while his guards are trying to attack her but she clutches them & Chitragupta understands welcoming her praying as Devi Mansa but she tells him I haven’t achieved the title of Devi so do not address me with that instead tell me details about Chandradhar’s deeds & he accordingly gives his complete details but tells her that his good deeds are unlimited by which he can’t be affected but only one thing can happen that he has a bail patra tree of which he offers bail’s of it to Prabhu Mahadev daily & which he without fail maintains & if once the tree becomes pale than it might make his good deeds end & his trouble’s to begin.
Chandradhar along with his children’s & helpers is moving towards his destination through boat for business commitment facing lot of troubles in the way but insists everybody to only take name of Prabhu Mahadev & move ahead because nobody else can save us than Prabhu Mahadev itself while Ganesh says his ego is increasing in devotion.
Mansa is watching him sitting through meditation & also the tree which is maintained by his wife pouring water while Chandradhar says I should had poured water for bail patra tree but his son tells him that mother will take care so not to worry & he feels relaxed.
At time they face trouble of mountains which might hit them but he insists them to only pray for Mahadev who need me as his devotee & he won’t allow me to get affected hence they get saved but Ganesh expresses that now his ego of devotion is going at such a stage that he feels now instead Prabhu required by him he is required by Prabhu which is wrong leading to end of his good deeds & slowly bail patra’s are falling down quickly while Chandradhar’s wife is wondering how come this is happening but tries to maintain then too the bail patra’s are falling down quickly due to Chandrahdar’s ego increasing in his Prabhu’s devotion & Mansa watching at both sides as Chandradhar moving towards his destinations end while the tree’s bail patra’s falls completely which scares his wife who is dreaming about her husband who falls down under the deep sea water & cries in emotions.
The tree falls down & Chandradhar’s wife gets shocked & scared while Mansa watches this & goes towards Chandradhar who is feeling happy to reach the destination & appreciating his Prabhu’s devotion but heavy flow from sea comes in front of him shocking his children’s from which huge Snakes stop them & he asks them where is your Devi Mansa insulting her & she also comes to explain him about his ego in devotion which will create trouble for him but he is adamant on his devotion then too Mansa warns him but he challenges her saying that whatever you wish you do & I know my Prabhu will save me.


Vighnaharta Ganesh 31st December 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Nagmata Mansa’s snakes gulp Chandradhar’s children’s as well as makes his helpers fall under the deep sea water while Chandardhar gets injured falling down from the boat chanting slogan of Mahadev & comes out of the sea water walking in injured condition & sits under the tree in village thinking unless Prabhu Mahadev doesn’t help me he won’t leave the place.

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Telecast Date:30th December 2020
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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