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Vighnaharta Ganesh 29th January 2021 episode starts with Dhundli asks her sister that you said woman’s happiness is in becoming a mother but instead her sister instigates telling her that there is no such happiness because I just said due to your husband’s happiness or else it’s very painful in pregnancy & also becomes tired due to change of body language so think about it & Dhundli tells her that I won’t become pregnant to lose all my such enjoyable lifestyle only for a child but how to convince husband as he won’t allow me & her sister tells her that to not to worry & if you wish to keep your husband’s wish than you come with me at our place giving reason for completing your pregnancy & when child is born to me than you take it along with you for your husband & I’ll tell him my child was born dead hence she accepts her plan but asks her what about this fruit & she advises her to feed your Gau Mata hence she feeds it thinking if Gau Mata becomes pregnant than I’ll feel the fruit had the blessings.
Puhspadant’s wife asks Ganesh that did she fed the fruit to Gau Mata & she was so cruel towards her husband doing this & Ganesh tells her she fed the fruit to Gau Mata but something else happened.
They both go to their parent’s place while Dhundli is enjoying the stay of always keep eating & sleeping but her sister tolerated her pains in pregnancy.
Atmadev was awaiting for his child’s arrival happily arranging all those items making with his own hands which is needed for a small child but unaware about what was planned by his wife.
After some months a son child was born to Dhundli’s sister & Dhundli’s message was sent to Atmadev who got so delighted that he started distributing sweets around his neighbour’s in happiness & Dhundli arrived with the child whom he welcomed very emotionally holding in his hands while Dhundli told her there is one bad news that my sister got dead child & he expressed his depression. Atmadev asks Dhundli why child is crying so much & she takes the child to her saying he might be hungry but again bluffs Atmadev telling him that I have developed a difficulty in pregnancy that I can’t feed child but yes my sister inspite losing her child she can feed hence she’ll stay with us for upbringing of our child too & he allows her accordingly. Dhundli names the child as Dhundhkari.
Dhundli hears Gau Mata’s voice reminding about her earlier deed of giving fruit & asks Atmadev how Gau mata is & he tells her she is fine but how come you remembered her now & she thinks it means she isn’t pregnant hence the fruit was to fool us or I had eaten it instead.
Pushpadant’s wife asks Ganesh what happened of Gau Mata who ate fruit & Ganesh tells her she gave birth.
Gau Mata cries in pain & all go to see what happened hence Dhundli’s sister sees & picks telling Atmadev that she has delivered a human child hence Atamdev feels surprised & accepts the child naming Gokarna.
Ganesh tells Pushpadant & his wife that both were born but with difference in behaviours.
Dhundkari use to always disturb Gokarna who was a very studious child achieving knowledge. Dhundkari’s actual mother use to feed him lovingly which was not liked by Dhundli hence she use to divert his attentions towards her insulting her sister. She use to tell her if you wish than feed Gokarna but her sister never did that instead they both humiliated him & at times they use to give him left over food while Dhundli use to get fresh food which was now liked by Atmadev but he was helpless to confront his wife.
They both grew up but Gokarna being knowledgeable & devotional while Dhundkari being evil & drunk person. Once a Rishi comes asking water to Gokarna but Dhundkari says to whom you are asking who is a very bore person instead take this liquor & enjoy but Gokarna tells him that it’s always good to provide water to a thirsty person by which we get blessings but you won’t understand this & he gives Rishi water but while drinking Dhundli pours some liquor for mixing & Rishi gets wild on him but Dhundli asks now will you curse me but Rishi says you are in fact leading a cursed life itself giving him example that see your father Atmadev & see yourself while Gokarna pleads Rishi to not to curse his brother & Atmadev is watching what his son Dhunli did.
Atmadev complains to Dhundli about their son Dhundli’s cruel behaviour within people & comparing of their other son who is so devotional but at one time due to Dhundli we too will have to face trouble but instead she tells him he won’t do anything bad towards us & Dhundli arrives in drunken conditions & Atmadev gets wild on him telling to leave the house & once you come in senses than only you enter the house.
Pushpadant remembers about his mistake done hence he was also punished by Prabhu Mahadev & he asks Ganesh what happened ahead of Dhundli, getting engrossed in the story.


Vighnaharta Ganesh 30th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Dhundkari was drunk eating food while Atmadev shouts him saying if you can’t respect parent’s atleast respect food but instead Dhundkari pours all the food on Atmadev’s head joking with him. Atmadev becomes devotional person & was blessed by Prabhu Narayan. Gokaran informs mother that father has got eternal blessings. Atmadev’s life changed totally with the incidence of his son Dhindli.

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Telecast Date:29th January 2021
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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