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Vighnaharta Ganesh 28th July 2020 episode starts with asoor’s guru giving advice to gajasoor with the powerful weapon how to use the same & he is delighted to achieve it.
Ganesh is discussing with mushak about outcome of evil plans while mushak tells ganesh first to have food & then we’ll discuss.
Gajasoor thanks guru for gifting this weapon & Guru gives him more advice of keeping this weapon always with him or if it gets away from you then you’ll be finished & he plans to try using while a Brahman feels destruction around his hut. Gajasoor is contended with the powers of the weapon & he uses its powers challenging the world’s destruction while Brahman is getting a stormy evil happening around him.
Mushak is enjoying food & also searching water but he is not finding & goes to search water from pond but he is surprised finding the pond dried so he goes to complain ganesh while he explains mushak about selfishness which never makes human happy. Ganesh is watching all army too thirsty because of some powers being spread by evil.
The army senapati is saying it’s like water is vanished so where will I get water now becoming uneasy for it. Ganesh leaves to support & try to help army.
Ganesh is watching all evils are enjoying with water in mahendrapuri but we & our gods are unable to find water so ganesh decides to inform kartik also about it.
Kartik is discussing helplessness about finding water inspite our water god too can’t do anything & asking ganesh what to do now so ganesh is thinking about the solution.
The asoor’s guru is informing soorasahi about he giving gajasoor the ultimate powerful weapon to use against gods & she feels happy about it.
Ganesh is explaining the solution to kartik how water can be found & where so kartik asks him where so ganesh tells him we have to search that accordingly & they are moving towards dry place with ganesh & mushak talking with each other.
The Brahman also thinks how can this be stopped & thinks to sit for praying mata paravati’s form of durga mata who can help save this world from getting dried.
Ganesh hears the prayers of the Brahman asking for help from mata while mata too gets the intimation of prayers for helping this world & she gets up creating her powers while saraswati mata is understanding about mata paravati creating her form & ganesh too understands about mata being awake to help her devotees. Ganesh is watching mata coming in her such a form to help all while kartik also says that evil will get terrible punishment from mata for his evil deeds & all are praying mata.
The gajasoor is stepping one by one ahead & the world is getting harmed so he thinks if I take one step ahead then the world is shaken so if I keep taking my steps ahead one by one then everything will be washed out & he is laughing while mata comes to attack him & he falls down challenging mata how can you do this but he remembers what guru had told him & he faces mata as she warns him if you do anything more than you’ll be killed but he tells her you can’t do anything to me as I am having all such powerful weapon by which all will be killed & only asoor’s will be alive in this world & she is getting wild hearing him.
Soorasahi is advising soorapadman to not to worry as mata can’t do anything to gajasoor.
Gajasoor challenges mata durga saying your trishul weapon cannot harm me so he shoots his weapon & she also throws her trishul weapon too saying that you will be killed by me itself & his weapon gets destroyed but he saves himself with the weapon achieved from his guru & mata is shocked to see this.
Gajasoor challenges mata saying nothing can happen to me & unless I do not take my revenge I’ll keep creating destruction this way & he shoots his other weapon balls towards mata but mata saves herself while mahadev is also watching this.
A destroyed weapon ball goes & falls near ganesh & mushak so ganesh understands that the place is near us where mata is fighting with that asoor.
Gajasoor is attacking while mata is saving herself & she gets down from her tiger & thinks to know his weakness & shoots her arrows towards him while he tells her to not to waste your weapons as nothing can happen to me but the arrows hits his hands making weapon fall from his hands which his guru had given him & gets shocked as mata says now your weapon has fallen & you will be killed too.

Precap : 

Vighnaharta Ganesh 29th July 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Mata creates her huge powers to kill that asoor & ganesh comes to support mata sitting near her with mushak besides them too. All are praying mata & ganesh for helping.

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Telecast Date:28th July 2020
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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