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Vighnaharta Ganesh 28th April 2021 episode starts with Malti asking forgiveness from Pundlik. Pundlik is deep in devotion to Lord Krishna as he sits smiling looking at the statue as Pundlik’s soul is in Vaikunth speaking to Lord Krishna. Malti asks for forgiveness from Pundlik and says swami, I have not been a good wife, I removed our parents out of house, please forgive me for whatever I did! Malti asks for forgiveness from the parents and says I am sorry for what I have done, my sins wont be erased but I want to repent for my sins. Malti says why don’t you speak swami?
Jaanu and Satyavati forgive Malti and say you realized your mistake that is enough! Pundlik’s soul speaks to Lord Krishna. Pundlik says Prabhu, I denied your bhakti and I denied you! I forgot you for a brief time and hurt you, how could I do that? I am ashamed of what I have done. Lord Krishna says all my disciples live in me and I have seen you all this time Pundlik. Pundlik says I want to repent for my sins prabhu, I am sorry and ask forgiveness from you. Lord Krishna forgives Pundlik and says you are my disciple, I can never be angry on my disciples! But Pundlik I forgive you, but you have to win my trust back, you have to win everyone’s trust back. Pundlik says yes Prabhu and Pundlik’s soul comes back.
Pundlik gets up and he is happy, he says Prabhu forgave me. Prabhu has finally forgiven me. Everyone is happy. Jaanu says Pundlik your bhakti and devotion has brought this. Pundlik then looks at Malti and he remembers how he had hurt her and removed from the house. Pundlik asks for forgiveness from Malti and says I have hurt you my dear wife, I am sorry for what I did. Malti forgives Pundlik and says I should be the one asking for forgiveness, because I removed our parents from the house and what you did was just my punishment that I deserved. Malti is forgiven. Yogi Mahatma comes with his rishi’s singing Lord Krishna’s prayer song. Pundlik says it is Yogi Mahatma, I have to ask for forgiveness from him as I insulted him.
Everyone go outside and Pundlik says to Yogi Mahatma, Yogi ji I am sorry for what I did! I stroll on the wrong path and insulted you, please forgive me and show me the way to penance. Pundlik is forgiven and Yogi Mahatma says you have to work hard to win back everyone’s trust and faith. Pundlik you have to forget all Moh maya and all pain and suffering through your path and serve your parents and Prabhu Krishna with all your heart and mind. Pundlik says I will do it.
At night, Pundlik and Malti press Jaanu and Satyvati’s legs and serve them. Pundlik sends Malti to rest and he stays to make his parents sleep. A storm comes and Jaanu and Satyavati are not able to sleep. Pundlik brings 2 shawls and puts them on his parents and says I will not go unless you both sleep. Pundlik sits and keeps pressing their legs and hands to get them a good sleep. Pundlik then sees Jaanu and Satyavati don’t have a pillow and are not able to sleep, he makes his parents sleep on his thighs resting their heads on it. Pundlik says I wont go and rest until my parents complete their sleep. Pundlik stays and he presses their head.
As Pundlik serves his parents, he sees a scorpion coming towards his parents. Pundlik says this insect will hurt my parents, what do I do? I cannot even get up from here. Pundlik feels cold in the storm but sits serving his parents and he looks ways to deal with the scorpion. Pundlik then gets the scorpion’s attention towards him. The scorpion comes and bites Pundlik on his feet. Pundlik is in pain but he doesn’t move so that his parents are not disturbed in their sleep. Pundlik remember what Yogi Mahatma told him to forget his pain and suffering and keep on the path. Pundlik does the same thing and continues serving his parents and prays to Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna appears at the doorstep and through their minds, they speak to each other. Lord Krishna says I have to see if you can win my trust back, I am here to give you darshan Pundlik, will you make me wait? Pundlik says prabhu, my parents are sleeping and I cannot move from here until they have completed resting, but you are my prabhu, I humbly ask you to wait and understand me now. Lord Krishna says okay Pundlik, I will wait for you but give me something to rest on. Pundlik says yes I will do that. He looks around and sees a brick near him, he pushed it towards Lord Krishna and says I have only that brick now Prabhu, please rest on it. Lord Krishna stands on the brick and takes a new form and says I shall wait here for you Pundlik. Lord Krishna takes a new form in an orange dress.


Vighnaharta Ganesh 29th April 2021 28th April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :In the morning, everyone wake up. Pundlik is serving his parents and he turns back to see Lord Krishna, he sees the new form statue of Lord Krishna. Pundlik keeps it in his temple. Lord Krishna appears and blesses everyone and says Pundlik your devotion has created my new form, this form shall be known as Vitthal and I shall always rest on this brick.

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Telecast Date:28th April 2021
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