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Vighnaharta Ganesh 27th September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Vighnaharta Ganesh 27th September 2021 episode starts with Nawab telling Vikramaditya he heard about Meerabai so came to hear her prayers due his passion in this art & praises her wordings which makes a person feel he is in heaven on this earth & leaves.

Udabai says this is terrible now enemies have also began visiting Meerabai but Vikramaditya says he knows Nawab didn’t come with any plan of attack but to only hear prayers while the people won’t understand Nawab’s sudden visit in disguise due to which their family’s pride may get destroyed.

The maid says some maids have already began saying wrong things about Rani Meera & he is fumed asking her what is she uttering & she says Meerabai talks with somebody at nights which creates doubt so if he doesn’t believe then check on his own & all three of them check waiting outside her room & for some time nothing is heard so he blames the maid but later he hears Meerabai speaking with somebody making him furious asking who is it inside.

Meera is talking with her Prabhu asking when he’ll take her to his palace & her Prabhu is quiet just hearing her smiling looking at her but Raja immediately opens the door entering & asking who is it but he sees nobody except Meera hence asks her whom she was talking & she says her Prabhu but he gets wild taking out his sword & Udabai stops him saying this is wrong crossing their Raj community’s policy attacking their own Rani who is helpless & he warns Meera saying this is her last chance to improve & she tells Udabai she can face his attack with sword while her Girdhar will take care of her & he furiously leaves from there but Udabai also leaves saying he mustn’t do something wrong now in his anger which should be controlled.

Raj Vaidya brings curd mixed with poison to Vikramaditya telling him only if two drops are drunk by anybody he or she’ll die instantly but to not to make use of this which is heard by his guard too & Raja tells him not to teach him & he handovers to his guard to give it to Meerabai for her tomorrow’s Bhog.

Next day morning the guard is reluctant to give Meerabai the curd watching she is so purely busy in Prabhu’s arrangement with her true devotion so it was stopping him but Meera sees him saying what happened & he says he has brought curd for her Bhog & she praises his help taking it to keep in front of Prabhu who also watches her smiling. The guard is leaving her room depressingly while this is watched by Udabai who asks him why he is feeling low & he tells her the truth by which she immediately runs to stop Meera but Meera drinks it which converts her body into black & all of them are shocked watching this.

Pushpadant says Meerabai drank that poison without thinking anything & Ganeshji is quiet narrating him of future result.

Udabai tells Meera she drank poison given by Raja but she says she didn’t drink poison instead it was Prabhu’s Bhog & her body again regains her lost color which surprises everybody & Udabai prays her devotion while the guard watching this leaves immediately.

Raja is telling his wife nothing henceforth wrong will happen through Meerabai as their pride will be safer but she asks him what he has done.

Meera asks Udabai what she has done wrong due to which Vikramaditya did this & she tells her he isn’t aware of her devotion but only thought of pride of his family & now she has become aware of her true devotion so Meera tells Udabai inspite Raja gave her poison her Girdhar gave her his Bhog due to which now she can’t stop to dance & sing prayers for him & she immediately ties Ghungroo & begins dancing as well as singing but hearing this Raja is shocked wondering how can this happen.


Vighnaharta Ganesh 28th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Raja Vikramaditya gives punishment to Raj Vaidya by making him drink the same poison due to which he dies. Udabai blames Vikramaditya for doing crime towards innocent people & he says whatever has happened has happened which can’t change now but she says now Meerabai can change this & his body is kept in front of Meera to regain his life due to her pure devotion who sits for singing prayers holding her musical instrument.

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Telecast Date:27th September 2021
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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