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Vighnaharta Ganesh 27th July 2020 episode starts with soorasahi’s daughter is cursing for all evils done by her towards hers childern’s in front of all the people in the bhawan. Soorasahi is watching her son soorapadman is bowing down his sword & she gets up from her seat trying to use her evil talks to attract all & expecially soorapadman towards achieving sympathy for her saying whatever I have done is all for you so now I have to kill myself & as she pulls sword to hit her with her powers then suddenly soorapadman stops the sword hitting her & says it is not you to die but it’s my sister to get killed but soorasahi tries to calm him evilly but his sister tries to run away & soorapadman runs behind her & as she is running then soorapadman hits his arrow towards her but it gets wasted & soorasahi is watching this saying my son could not stand this that’s why he lost the target & his other two arrows hit her badly as she gets injured & as she falls down she prays ganesh for help & ganesh understands this about gajamukhi injured so soorpadman’s other arrows trying to hit her are saved by ganesh to hit her again & soorapadman is shocked seeing this. Ganesh comes for her rescue as gajamukhi prays & falls on ganesh’s feet. Ganesh takes her away while soorapadman & soorasahi are shocked to see gajamukhi vanished.
All gods are discussing about plans to attack evils with kartik while gajamukhi comes saying bhanugopan & kartik is surprised while gajamukhi is praying kartik & explaining about her but kartik itself gives details about her & praises her too of help done to jayant. Gajamukhi bends down on feets of kartik & kartik sees her injured & he clears her injury & she comes in good health.
Gajamukhi is explaining about bhanugopan who is the eldest son of soorapadman & he is going to be sent to attack you as vishwakarma says that bhanugoapn is the devotee of mahadev so gajamukhi is explaining about he had got the powers to clutch sun god in his hands when he was born so indra too remembers about his birth & detailing how we had all tried to release sun from his hands with help of brahmadev too but we were unable. Gajamukhi says that’s why mother soorasahi also was delighted that bhanugopan who can cluth sun god can do anything in life ahead so she’ll definitely send bhanugopan to attack first. Ganesh & kartik are shocked to hear this.
Soorapadman is discussing plans with his mother soorasahi of what are you thinking now & she tells him now that gajamukhi is there with them then they would have understood plans so now I’ll change the plans of instead calling bhanugoap now I’ll call gajasoor a biggest evil asoors son.
Soorasahi called him & discusses with gajasoor about his ultimate enemy who is his father’s killer the son of paravati & he gets wild getting to know this. Soorasahi is instigating him now & then encouraging him to take revenge of his father’s killer or leave my place mahendrapuri as I feel my son is enough to take the revenge but he gets instigated & says I will take the revenge & her plans gets successful to instigate gajasoor & she orders him to take blessings form guru before going ahead.
Mushak is asking ganesh why so quiet then ganesh says the evil soorasahi is planning big evil destruction I am feeling.
Gajasoor comes to take blessings from guru shukracharya & he provides him power of asoors mahapowers weapon. He also explains him how to use it accordingly which will make bend big gods & goddesses too. Ganesh is watching this in his in hearth meditation & smiles.

Precap : 

Vighnaharta Ganesh 28th July 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Mata paravati sits for meditation to bring her huge form of power to attack whoever has started the world’s destruction & mahadev too understands this while kartik also says whoever has done this will be killed. A huge storm is happening around the world as gajasoor falls down.

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Telecast Date:27th July 2020
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