Vighnaharta Ganesh 26th November 2019 Written Episode Update


Vighnaharta Ganesh 26th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Vighnaharta Ganesh Written Update on

Vighnaharta Ganesh 26th November 2019 Episode Start With bhandasoor tells mohini if I could then I would have but I can’t now & tells her that only narayan’s avatar can stop this destructio while mohini was in disguise signals ganesh hiding behind & gets solution. Ganesh tells mata what solution is to stop this while kartik tells ganesh to not to worry & as ganesh thinks then he understands the avatar who had saved in the past & he calls tortoise avatar to stop this & tortoise immerges as avatar of prabhu Narayan & as all praise him then bhandasoor gets shocked seeing avatar stopping this destruction of floods while bhandasoor is getting annoyed & mohini is telling him that now the solution is found of stopping this destruction so lets search our daughter & he is thinking but getting angry saying I am a soldier & won’t run away. Ganesh is praying for tortoise avatar & mata praises ganesh saying this day will be known by people in this world to remember ganesh in this kind of help to this world. Ganesh & all are glad with her blessings.

Devi feels something more is happening while all are seeing evils having powers in their hands who have lifted mata’s raths so bhandasoor is also saying they will destroy devi’s & mata’s raths while kartik is asking who are these so ganesh is also saying i also am in confusion who are these so bhandasoor says ganehsji you won’t know them as they are to defeat you so devi asks ganesh to tell fast who are they & how can they be killed so ganesh says they will only tell us now while they throw mata’s raths from their hands & they are challenging ganesh that this will attack you so ganesh takes huge form saying no attacks will happen & he holds the raths in his hands to keep safe. Bhandasoor says do not get happy with this as more is going to happen.

The evils are trying to attack & challenges ganesh that now face us but ganesh comes forward & tell them to introduce you as we should also know with whom are we fighting so bhandasoor understands while the evil says yes you should know who are we but bhandasoor stops them to not to disclose your identity & they suddenly stop so ganesh asks why you became quiet so they say bhandasoor while bhandasoor is happy. They say it is important for us that we are fighting for bhandasoor the bigger evil so ganesh tries to trick them about why are you scared to disclose your name as world should also know who are you & why are you hiding your ability behind somebody.

You who have lifted mata’s rath is such a great warriors so why are you hiding yourself. Bhandasoor is keeping on stopping them while ganesh is continuously instigating them & they get confused so they say that you only wish to know our names so we will tell you & all are surprised how ganesh used his tricks to get their identity disclosed.

They are telling that you wish to know our names so we will tell you after we defeat you & they laugh so ganesh tells them is it because if you are defeated then your name should not be known by anybody as losers or are you scared by this so they say why should we get scared as we are meditated by people & one says I was powerful whom people use to pray for me for their help to kill their enemies while the other says I use to take form of Narayan to impress people so ganesh understands & tells them this is enough to know me & they are shocked.Ganehs tells mata that these evil brothers are hiran-kashyap. Mata understands.


Vighnaharta Ganesh 27th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Ganesh says they can be killed only by narsimha & narsimha is trying to kill them but they are not hurt so ganesh falls in confusion while bhandasoor says to ganehsji that this is done by me.


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