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Vighnaharta Ganesh 26th May 2021 episode starts with the vendor blaming to Raja about his people who brought insulting him while Raja tells him that first you show your powers which you claim has being given to you by Devraj Indra of bringing rains so that I myself will give you special treatment hence the vendor prays to let the rains come here on Raja’s palace. The rains do not come but the vendor is calming them telling that it takes time but will come. They waited for long time but no rains & Raja’s senapati tells him that I had told you it’s his ego which he thinks that he has achieved this power but how Devraj will give such person the powers while the vendor realizes his mistake & pleads God Jagannath to forgive him because he built ego in himself & the rains fall while Raja & all are surprised. Raja praises the vendor & also requests to bring rains in all those places in the areas which produce grains & vegetables & are dried hence he does accordingly making everybody happy about it.
Raja praises the vendor & gives him special treatment including gifting him while the sanapati pleads him for forgiveness. Raja tells him to show the place where Devraj Indra had provide wish to him & he shows him accordingly & Raja decides to build a Door there naming Swarg-Door.
Ganeshji narrates that this way the door was built on the name of Swarg.
Devraj was also praising the Maha-Bhog he achieved to Dev Rishi Narad.
Madhav praises Prabhu’s ultimate powers but sees a monkey eyeing on Maha-Bhog hence he tries to make him go away but Devi Laxmi stops him telling that I was waiting for him only because I have brought extra Maha-Bhog & she provides monkey the Maha-Bhog while Madhav asks her why you did this as I feel this isn’t simple monkey & she tells him that he is none other than Shri Hanuman & Madhav is surprised.
Subhadra tells Madhav that once Shri Hanuman was also clutched by someone & Madhav asks who it can be who had the powers to clutch Shri Hanuman, ultimate devotee of Prabhu Sri Ram so please narrate this story also. Devi Laxmi tells him that once a cyclone struck near Jagannath temple affecting all the people of Jagannath Puri & also the sea but one devotee, Shri Santh was there who helped them.
The villagers are facing cyclonic storm affecting their lives but a devotee was walking towards the Jagannath temple to pray for well-being. Shri Santh enters the temple but villagers are telling him that to leave from here because of cyclone but he advises them to keep praying Prabhu & he will definitely help us.
Ganeshji tells Pushpadant that Shri Santh showed them the right path of devotion which is an ultimate power which saves the world who ever performs this truly.
The cyclonic storm increases affecting the Neel Chakra in top of the temple hence villagers get more scared running away from there while Shri Santh also comes outside the temple to see Neel Chakra which is about to fall hence he takes oath that he won’t allow this to happen & he prays Prabhu Jagannath who shows him the right path to take help from Shri Hanuman & he pleads Shri Hanuman praying to him while Shri Hanuman hears Shri Santh’s voice & realizes about cyclonic storm affecting the Prabhu’s temple’s Neel Chakra hence he flies & saves the Chakra by which all the villagers including Shri Santh are delighted to see Shri Hanuman blessing them saving the Neel Chakra.


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Telecast Date:26th May 2021
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