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Vighnaharta Ganesh 24th March 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Vighnaharta Ganesh 24th March 2021 episode starts with Bhairav asks her that will you give me what I wish & she tells you’ll definitely get what you wish but Bhairav demands Non-Vegetarian food & Shri Hanuman as well as Shridhar are shocked. Bhairav says that I know everything that you’ll give all kind of food but Mata Girl says that this is Bhandara & a true devotee gets only that food which is pureely prepared here but he is instigating her that I know who are you & gets up angrily banging his Trishul weapon saying that I want that only what I wish & all villagers get up getting scared while Shri Hanuman & Shridhar come forward to stop whatever is happening but Mata Girl stops them.
Bhairav is instigating Mata Girl that to show your actual form or I’ll make your form recognize to everybody & throws his water from pot meditating but Mata Girl’s powers stops those drops while all are happy to see the powers of Mata Girl.
Shridhar tells Bhairav to not be a fool to challenge Mata while Shri Hanuman also tries to stop him but Mata Girl tells them he is in his ego hence his he has to be shown his place.
Mata Girl emerges in her actual form of Mata Rani sitting on her tiger vehicle by while all are shocked to see her form & praise her & Bhairav is shocked to see her bright light. Shridhar’s Brahman Guru is also shocked & unable to see her form properly due to bright light but hears the voice of tiger & getting scared runs into his house hiding from everybody.
Mata Rani praises Shridhar her ultimate devotee due to whom she had to come in actual form to bless him while all including Shridhar have got very delighted & happy to achieve blessings from Mata Rani & all of them praise Mata. Mata also blesses Shridhar that through you my temple will be built & my Swayam Guroon will emerge due to you & Shridhar along with his wife feel very happy & blessed.
Ganeshji tells Puspadant this way her actual devotee got blessings while evil thought person got his punishment.
Bhairav is challenging Mata Rani saying that to stop all your blessings & will squeeze your powers now but she instead explains him that to not to become so evil thinker as you do not know to whom you are challenging while Shri Hanuman & Shridhar are shocked on Bhairav’s attitude. Bhairav is trying to move ahead to catch Mata but instead he is blocked by her powers while makes everybody happy seeing Mata’s powers. Mata Finally leaves from there while Bhairav in his egoistic attitude follows her to catch.
Shridhar also follows her foot prints along with all villagers following him till the end where it will lead to.
Shri Hanuman also comes into his actual form & follows Mata Rani to support her from Bhairav.
Shridhar’s Brahman Guru searches all gold coins if they are safe & becomes mad saying that he won’t let these coins go away from him & acts like a weird person.
Mata is fooling Bhairav while he is getting confused thinking where to search her getting annoyed. Mata Rani reaches at top of the mountain while Shri Hanuman joins her. Shridhar on the other hand is following the foot prints while his Brahman Guru gets paralysed & his wife & son come to handle him.
Shri Hanuman asks Mata what’ll happen of Shridhar’s Brahman Guru’s punishment & she tells him that let him also realize his mistake so that after accepting his mistake he’ll get better.
Brahman Guru’s wife explains him that if you would had accepted your mistake then this punishment you couldn’t had got but you always were in selfish & greedy behaviour insulting Shridhar hence praise Mata Rani accepting your mistake now atleast so that might be she’ll bless you.
Shridhar reaches at the end point of foot prints & reminds about blessings from Mata to him of her Swayam Guroon will emerge here & temple can also be built hence he decides to do meditational Samadhi daily for Mata on that place to get her blessings & all along with him sit for meditation.
Bhairav reaches near the end of mountain while Shri Hanuman comes in front of him.


Vighnaharta Ganesh 25th March 2021 24th March 2021 Written Episode Update Precap : Shri Hanuman tries explaining Bhairav to recognize that she is Mata Rani & to leave your ego but he instead jumps up to show his powers to catch Mata but Shri Hanuman too jumps to attack him with his Gadha weapon which throws him down again. Mata Rani also comes to face him.

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Telecast Date:24th March 2021
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