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Vighnaharta Ganesh 24th July 2020 episode starts with soorasahi is expressing her motive of fighting with kartike by sacrificing everybody including if it’s my son or son’s son, to her husband & this is heard by her daughter & other son too. Soorasahi’s husband gets bugged on her but tells her that I have given you the blessings so let whatever happen with you now i am not concerned.
Ganesh is discussing plans with vishwakarma while kartik is remembering about how devsena is devoted towards him while devsena too is watching kartik from the peacock piece & gets delighted while kartik too is watching her from the moon. Ganesh asks kartik is it beautiful while he expresses about devsena & ganesh asks who beautiful then kartik immediately gets conscuious & asks him what beautiful & ganesh says I asked about bhawan built by vishwakarma & he says yes that is excellent while ganesh understands what kartik was thinking & kartik expresses with vishwakarma.
Soorasahi’s daughter & the other son are discussing about how mother is so cruel towards us & he plans with her to tell the truth to soorapadman & he goes there but while he is going to tell the truth soorasahi comes asking what is the truth & he is surprised about his mother there & he talks something else while soorasahi smells fishy & talks with him taunting & also warns her other daughter’s that I will punish you but this is not the right time as the focus is on the war ahead us so she orders to call all her son’s to get ready for fight while her daughter in law cries saying I do not wish to lose my son’s now.
Vishwakarma is building a closed room for discussing plans & ganesh with kartik & all other gods are discussing of what could be their plans now is to study.
All are arriving in the bhawan of soorasahi & all are praising soorapadman but her other son is thinking otherwise about her mother’s plans.
The asoor king is advising ganesh & kartik about soorasahi’s ego while kartik explains about how ego kills such evils but their plan can be different too which we have to think whom she’ll send ahead as soorapadman can’t come himself & vishwakarma gives them the hint who can it be.
Soorasahi’s son asoorendra comes praying soorasahi saying nobody can be alive with my powers & I too want to take revenge of my father & he displays his fire powers to all.
Kartik is saying this son is very powerful who can create destructions but i think he won’t be sent while vishwakarma also giving details of other son’s too.
Adhimukham comes praying soorasahi & wishes to go ahead to fight with kartik & all saying I am ultimate to kill all while kartik says thinking he too can’t come but they’ll choose some one else & to see who can it be.
Soorasahi asks all of them where is my son bhanugopan when I had called everybody here & soorapadman tells her that he is in meditation. Soorasahi tells soorapadman that there is no need of meditation now as he has already achieved the shiv weapon so he has to be called here but her son & daughter are feeling depressed about their mother becoming selfish & trying to sacrifice us so her daughter utters depressingly against her mother but soorasahi is shouting her saying I am your mother & also soorapadman too shouts her while soorasahi is getting angry but she doesn’t stop saying that now I will tell all the truth & nobody can stop me so she is telling about her love affair with mahendrapuri’s king & mother had told me to call them but I never knew she will betray me & she discussed about my happiness with them & she gave sweets with poison & killed them all. Soorasahi explains her motive what she has to do in her life & not leave our community of asoor, to her daughter.
Soorasahi’s daughter describes how cruel can our mother be who killed my loving people & soorapadman gets surprised hearing this & puts down his weapon & also his other brother too feeling how mother can be cruel but soorasahi plans to kill her daughter now watching this to save herself.

Precap : 

Vighnaharta Ganesh 27th July 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Soorasahi plans to get a sword thrown towards her by her powers & soorapadman thinks that her sister tried to kill mother & stops the sword while his sister tries to run away but soorapadman tells his mother that now it’s time to kill sister instead you getting killed by her & he shoots arrow towards his sister which hits her & ganesh watches it getting shocked.

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Telecast Date:24th July 2020
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