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Vighnaharta Ganesh 23rd September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Vighnaharta Ganesh 23rd September 2021 episode starts with Meera saying to Raja Vikramaditya it’s good he came directly to meet her in the temple where Prabhu will give him blessings to perform his duties towards Chittorgarh but he says only if all this happens in limit of Raj community rule & she asks why he is saying this way & he says to sing loudly is not suitable for a Rani of this palace & Meera says she was singing only prayers of

Prabhu but he is about to shout her while his wife stops him by getting angry & he calmly says to Meera this time he is ignoring her mistake due to her condition but next time he won’t tolerate this & leaves from there ringing bell of temple chanting name of Ram-Prabhu then Meera thinks saying bell rings inside temple which sounds outside also then why is the trouble singing prayers loudly.

The maid tells Udabai this time Meera is spared due to younger Rani’s request to Raja but for how many days he’ll tolerate & she says he should also realize how Meerabai crosses limits of her devotion without taking care of Raj community’s rules.

Ganeshji says Vikramaditya was becoming strict but was handled by his wife & how Meera will stop her devotion who had become an ultimate devotee of Prabhu & on other side Udabai was concerned for something else.

Some Brahman’s arrive to palace where Udabai welcomes them offering water & good items while they appreciate her but insist to take blessings from Meerabai of whom they have heard so came here & her maid thinks she shouldn’t allow them but Udabai tells her to take them to meet her whom she can’t stop while Meerabai says she is already here to meet them & she welcomes them inside the temple.

The maid asks Udabai why she allowed them to meet her but she says sometimes this decision has to be taken to realize her brother Vikramaditya also how much Meerabai can cross her limits.

Brahman’s head requests Meera to sing some good prayer for them & she thinks about Raja Vikramaditya’s warning while Brahman says why to think of devotion so she looks towards her Prabhu & picks pages of her prayers while Brahman head chooses an exclusive prayers from those for her to sing & she begins singing prayer. This is seen by Udabai’s maid & runs to inform her but Raja Vikramaditya also hears her & says to open the window so that he’ll also see & Meera is singing & dancing along with the Brahman’s which is cursed by him & he tries to stop her but again Prabhu’s bright light stops him.

Udabai wonders & after prayers end she taunts him saying why he can’t stop her & he only shows his anger inside the palace which should be shown on field by any great warrior but he says whenever he tries to control her he is stopped by some miracle in the idol of Prabhu so it seems some trick is there in that idol which is to be taken away from her with proper planning & as soon as possible.

Meera coming into the temple finds flowers being scattered on the ground hence goes to bring some more from garden while Raja’s guard picks the idol with help of maid & Meera gets intuition about her Girdhar’s idol in trouble hence goes inside immediately but guard also is coming from her opposite side holding idol feeling panicked what to do & Raja is also feeling scared watching this along with Udabai & the maid.


Vighnaharta Ganesh 24th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Meera finds her Girdhar’s idol missing hence panics searching & running outside palace saying where her Girdhar is while Vikramaditya says it seems her Girdhar has left her alone. Prabhu is watching emotionally Meera panicking.

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Telecast Date:23rd September 2021
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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