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Vighnaharta Ganesh 23rd March 2020 Written Episode, Vighnaharta Ganesh Written Update on

Vighnaharta Ganesh 23rd March 2020 Episode Start With ganesh helping veer bhau senapati from evils which were unseen by him towards entering towards evil’s palace. Ganesh explains him how to tackle while the evil soormukham is trying to understand what is happening from gods.

Kartik is finding all things at it’s place whatever he wants is readily available. Indra comes to explain devsena what kartik has in food & she makes it ready accordingly. Kartik is appreciating the service provided by devsena to him with the food he eats at this time.
Mata paravati is appreciating devsena & feels happy about kartik also taking her service gladly & she is also expressing both of them ultimately capable for each other.
Veer bhau is asking ganesh for help in getting inside the palace of evil while he thinks of food & goes to see what is happening as all are arranging food for soorapadman, soorasahi & her son soormukham.

Ganesh uses his powers to disturb the utensils fall down & soorapadman shouts how this happened & curses his people while veer bhau asks ganesh why you did this & he explains to distract them & soorasahi’s son soormukham comes & he sees what has happened & thinks meditating how it happened & finds some powers coming from outside so no fault of our people. He understands it’s senapati who is here & soorasahi says ganesh must be with him so to be alert & to look into prison as they must not reach there. Soorasahi’s son tells her I will see to it that jayant & all gods should not get free way.

Ganesh explains senapati veer bahu now we’ll see what happens ahead so to wait now.
Kartik baths & comes to get ready & finds all things at its place & while he gets ready devsena helps him with other things to get ready for him & he appreciates her.
Sooramukham is making his army ready to secure from ganesh & veer bhau. Ganesh is watching & discusses with veer bhau that now to complete our other work. The evil eagle is flying & ganesh uses his knife powers to disturb eagle’s eyesight as it gets affected. Soormukham is directing his army towards the directions to move for security concern.
Ganesh & veer bhau are searching the worker for their work to do.

Devsena is praying kartik moving around him while he is sitting & doing pooja of shivling. Kartik is feeling about devsena while indra is also in confusion how kartik understands this as devsena is far away from him. Mata paravati is appreciating devsena’s devotion towards kartik & mahadev too praises her.

Veer bhau senapati & ganesh reaches at prison to release other people. Ganesh sees bhakan & asks him if he can tells where others are but he becomes helpless saying I could not convince them about praying kartik but ganesh tells him to be calm & asks him do you know the prison where jayant must be but he says he does not know about it & must have kept at a distant prison. Veer bhau takes name of kartik & leaves for search with ganesh while soormukham comes there feeling trouble as they both hide.

Soormukham is searching everywhere & saying I will search them & punish also but first to punish you & he kills his guards of the prison. He is directing his eagle to search them as they mustn’t have gone far.

Veer bahu & ganesh reach near a hut hearing a devotee chanting name of kartik but veer bahu is discussing doubt of game plan of evil then ganesh explains him this place do not seem about any evil surrounding so have to see in the hut & jayant prays kartik while ganesh knocks the hut door & soorasahi’s daughter opens & she prays & welcomes ganesh in hut while eagle is on his search & other gods clutched are praying ganesh to come & release us fast.


Vighnaharta Ganesh 24th March 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Ganesh comes asking soorapadman’s sister solution of entering prison near jayant & gods & she is explaining ganesh while soorapadman comes in the hut where ganesh & his sister are discussing.

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Telecast Date: 23rd March 2020
Distributed By : Sony Tv and sony Liv


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