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Vighnaharta Ganesh 23rd June 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Vighnaharta Ganesh 23rd June 2021 episode starts with Dhananjay keeps pleading Prabhu to come with him to prove his stand because he can’t bear his Prabhu’s insult if at all he is insulted. Prabhu Shri Krishna is quiet while Balbhadra along with other Goddesses are watching Prabhu’s devotee’s plead wondering about how Prabhu will react? & Dhananjay still keeps pleading but his Prabhu isn’t reacting then he says that if you aren’t responding to my plead due to any kind of difficulty then I’ll return without you & he is about to return but Prabhu stops him & he feels delighted saying that I knew you were playing with your devotee.
The trader in busy doing arrangements for celebration of his daughter’s marriage to perform while his daughter prays Prabhu to help his devotee Dhananjay to prove himself as his pure devotee.
Prabhu tells him that I’ll come with you only on one condition that you mustn’t look behind while we are walking or I’ll become a statue immediately if you fail & he assures Prabhu accordingly.
Dhananjay keeps chatting on his path telling about everything what he faced earlier while his Prabhu following him signals reacting silently which makes him feel that his Prabhu is following him. Dhananjay while chatting with his Prabhu the Rishiwar of Jagannath temple watches him thinking he has returned but foolishly then immediately he sees the footprints following behind him & realizes it’s Prabhu’s footprints itself & gets emotional Praying Prabhu & runs to inform the trader.
The trader is about to welcome the guests whom he finalized marriage of his daughter but Rishiwar comes quickly informing him that Dhananjay has returned & with Prabhu Gopala itself which is miracle to see & he immediately stops the welcome ceremony while the guest was the leader of Panchayat who says to the trader that you were wrong it means & have pulled us also in this evil deed. They immediately leave to watch him with Prabhu while Dhananjay is walking chatting but feels no response by Prabhu hence he waits to think if he should see behind or no but he becomes restless while Goddesses are watching him wondering what he’ll do? Dhananjay finally prays Prabhu for forgiving him & looks behind but Prabhu converts into Idol & he is shocked watching while everybody arrive & all of them realize the footprints followed him believing it’s none other than Prabhu who has arrived here to prove Dhananjay. The trader after watching the idol pleads Dhananjay to forgive him of not realizing his true devotion & gives his daughter’s hands to him while his daughter is smiling seeing Dhananjay. All other including Rishiwar also plead him forgiveness while Dhananjay smiles praising Prabhu.
Prabhu Shri Krishna says that as per told I will be situated here named as Sakshi-Gopal of which a temple will be built & Dhananjay along with his wife will take care of the temple & also which will bring the faith in people of God who is everywhere watching them. Dhananjay praises his Prabhu shouting slogan of his name & all the people join him. Goddesses also praise Dhananjay for his pure devotion which has paid him results as per his wish.
The aged Brahman tells Madhav that this way the temple was built near Puri itself & without visiting that temple the journey is incomplete. The Brahman is trying to leave but Madhav asks him where you have to go now & he says that my temple is on other side of Prabhu Tota Gopinath & Madhav becomes eager to know about that also hence he helps him to take there. The helpers of that temple explain Madhav about Brahman’s greatness when he was young he use to teach knowledge to people of Prabhu’s Paath wherein once Prabhu had also emerged to join his Paath & hearing this Madhav praises him.
Ganeshji tells Pushpadant that Madhav again got to hear the story of Prabhu Tota Gopinath from the people of that temple.
People of the temple tell Madhav that name Tota Gopinath happened due to the garden in which the Brahman teaching this Paath to people spreading devotion into them.


Vighnaharta Ganesh 24th June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :The old aged Brahman while putting the garland on Prabhu’s idol falls down banging his head on Prabhu’s feet. He tells everybody that tomorrow will be my last Pooja to perform as per Prabhu’s wish due to my end is near. Madhav prays Prabhu in his hut for Brahman’s well-being while Prabhu comes & sits behind him & Madhav looks behind.

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Telecast Date:23rd June 2021
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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