Vighnaharta Ganesh 23rd August 2019 Written Episode Update

Vighnaharta Ganesh Written Update

Vighnaharta Ganesh 23rd August 2019 Written Episode Update, Vighnaharta Ganesh Written Update on

Vighnaharta Ganesh 23rd August 2019 Episode Start With kamasoor is talking about his evil powers which will be spread across the earth which ganesh himself also can’t destroy. Ganesh is saying that kamasoors evil has to be destroyed now. kamasoor is thinking about the anger of ganeshji. Kartik is saying now your evil will get destroyed kamasoor.  Ganesh is ready to shoot the sword with champa flowers around & kamasoor is saying that this sword of mine will destroy your attack ganeshji.

Brahmadev is saying this champa flower will destroy kamasoor. Mata paravati is also saying that kamasoor’s evil has to be stopped now. Kamasoor is saying my sword will stop your attack towards me. Ganesh is saying now this sword will destroy you kamasoor. Ganesh shoots his sword & kamasoor is clutched by champa flower & is thinking how it is possible that this arrow has clutched me. Kartik is saying you had to pay for this kamasoor. Kamasoor is trying to release himself but in vain. Kamasoor is trying all his powers to collect together but he can’t get released by the clutches from the champa arrow attack of ganesh.

Mata paravati is saying that now kamasoor is released from his evil powers. Ganesh is also saying now the world is free from the evil powers of kamasoor. Kartik is also saying the same thing.

The palace of kamasoor with his evil woman’s is also finding themselves in trouble. Kamsoor is in trouble to release him from the clutches.

Brahmadev is also saying that lot of evil has done by kamasoor while thinking of the past evil powers spread in indra dev, rishi vishwamitra & ravan.

Kartik is saying because of his boon by mahadev he is facing more trouble due to not getting killed by anybody or any weapon so he is in pain of clutches.

Kamsoor is in big trouble in pain of the arrow clutches.

Mata mohini immerges to advice kamasoor to chant mantra of vikat ganesh to get his soul pure from this evil. Kamasoor chants mantra of vikat ganeshji to make himself free & he gets converted into simple person. Kamasoor’s evil soul which gets released tells ganesh that inspite of releasing me I will get powers from bhandasoor which you also can’t stop me. Ganesh says I won’t allow this to happen but the evil soul says this will happen but ganesh shoots his powers to destroy the soul saying that now this world will get free from you. The evil soul is thrown away from this world by the powers of ganesh & the soul challenges that he will take revenge of this again.

All gods come to pray ganesh & ganesh thanks them for helping him. Prabhu Vishnu tells ganesh that this form of your vikat ganesh has cleared all the evil of kamasoor from this world for which we are thankful to you. All this world will learn from your powers of vikat ganesh & they will pray & do Pooja of your this kind of vikat form.

Kamasoor in his original form also prays ganesh & thanks to making him clear from this evil power. He asks ganesh to give him advice for his future life so ganesh advices to make use of your life for good deeds in this world by providing good knowledge of your actual powers.

All gods leave from ganesh & Ganesh, kartik with mayurji are happy. Kartik is saying now the time has come to end mamtasoor. Ganesh is telling to inform first to father mother & shows some laziness so by which kartik understands ganesh as you are feeling hungry by giving reason of meeting father mother.

Mata laxmi tells Vishnu prabhu see how ganesh is playing with his brother for which he needs to meet his mother only to eat food for which he is feeling hungry for.

They reach the palace & kartik sees ganesh going towards food to eat so he is saying smilingly ganesh that you wanted to meet first father so why are you going there so ganesh says yes but first we will eat food while father must be in meditation so kartik says you are very smart & they proceed.

A voice is coming out from somewhere & they see mamtasoor in front of them & they are shocked.



Vighnaharta Ganesh 26th August 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Mamtasoor is telling ganesh & kartik that after seeing me why you got shocked. Kartik is trying to attack mamtasoor by his sword suddenly mata paravti stops him. Mata paravati remembers giving mamtasoor a big weapon for his security.


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