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Vighnaharta Ganesh 21st September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Vighnaharta Ganesh 21st September 2021 episode starts with Meera coming out of the sea water holding her Prabhu’s idol in her hands tightly while all of them watching become stunned & emotional trusting her true devotion due to which all this has happened which is a miracle.

Udabai’s maid asks this is miraculous to see Meerabai coming out but how come she is holding Prabhu’s idol which she didn’t take with her & Meera reminds about her meeting with Prabhu who explains her about true devotee’s are those who think about him purely so he ought to be there to help them but one time will come for her when nobody will be besides for her support so can she handle this situation in her life going ahead till then she has to spread devotion in this world & she says she can face anything in her life for her Girdhar & he says she’ll later will be known as Meera of Girdhar Gopal & converts himself into idol which she holds.

Udabai is shocked to see Meera in such a way & leaves from there while her maid also follows her. Kulguru praises Meera saying this is miraculous but Raja says this isn’t miraculous but her true devotion due to which she has shut all those people’s mouth raising questions of her devotion.

Ganeshji says this way by proving this Meera shut all those mouths raising questions on her devotion but later time was coming for her to face lot of trouble in her future life as intimated to her by Prabhu.

The maid asks Udabai is this Meerabai’s true devotion or is she playing some trick & Udabai finds Prabhu’s idol not in the temple hence gets confused & Maid asks doesn’t she believe her devotion & Udabai says she never doubted her devotion but only because of her brother whom she should think him as her husband & not her Prabhu as she has to perform her duties in this palace like a Rani & not like Jogan.

Meera holding her Prabhu’s idol is praised by everybody chanting his name walking towards palace & enters the temple where Udabai moves aside & Meera keeps her Prabhu while Kulguru pleads her for giving her such a test but Meera says to not be sorry instead he gave her this opportunity.

An informer of Raja informs them Meera’s father lost his life in battle & Udabai is shocked saying this is terrible loss but Meera explains her he lost his life in heroic manner fighting for people of his territory which is blessed for him to rest in God’s place now so to not to get depressed. Raja says he has also to go for this battle now but Udabai is reluctant to send him advising Meera to request him but she says she can’t because he is born warrior for this duty to perform so he has to do his duty but she can do something by giving him blessings of Tulsi Paan Chain which can save him from all hurdles & gives him.

Raja after returning from battle is injured hence is resting while Udabai is abusing Meera for this but Meera tells her this is sign of great warrior who fought for his people but is safely returned. Raja shows Meera the Tulsi Paan chain which took care of him. Meera sings prayers in front of her Prabhu sitting besides Raja to make him feel better.

Raja feels trouble moving within his palace while he is helped by his guard but he denies his help while Meera is arranging flowers & other materials near her Prabhu’s idol & a peacock flies from her hands which is seen by Raja but Meera tries to catch it running behind & is about to fall while Raja runs immediately holding her hand. Meera is shocked while Raja also realizes about his mistake of touching her & leaves immediately pleading her forgiveness.


Vighnaharta Ganesh 22nd September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Raja Bhojraj becomes restless hurting himself saying he is ready to face any punishment for touching Meerabai. Meera is performing prayers with her musical instrument while Raja Bhojraj’s health goes on deteriorating & finally falls down dying near Meera.

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Telecast Date:21st September 2021
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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