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Vighnaharta Ganesh 21st July 2020 episode starts with devsena feeling depressed & also ganesh too feeling bad about devsena & pretends about powers could be harmed which is achieved due to devsena to the army & paravati too is pleading towards kartik but finally kartik looks behind to devsena & ganesh, devsena, Mushakji, paravati & all feel great about kartik’s true love towards her & paravati praises kartik for devsena telling mahadev & he too is happy. Ganesh is feeling very happy more than devsena it seems says paravati to mahadev.
Ganesh is excited & expresses to mushak that I am eager to see kartik’s marriage with devsena.
All are praising kartik & shouting his slogans too.
Kartik is asking ganesh if you are ready & they are discussing about to act quickly to leave for war.
Ganesh is also getting ready while he sees devsena going towards the sea steering kartik. Ganesh comes running stopping devsena & she asks her why can’t I go as all gods can go then why not me & ganesh thinks how should I explain her as it’s difficult to convince her. Ganesh explains her about evil powers gets surrounded & if you fall in trouble then your powers might get clutched & difficulty will arise for our army & brother kartik so she understands & tells him that I will meditate for him & will go to bhawan to do pooja & wait for kartik.
Ganesh takes leave from devsena & she lifts statue of kartik & sits at one side while an evil tree is watching her & he is using his powers to clutch her.
Devsena prepares a mata’s statue. Ganesh comes into his huge form & all are praising ganesh including devsena too.
The evil tree understands that devsena is power of gods army so she has to be clutched.
Ganesh creates a huge form of his nose which moves around the whole sea & all including the evil also praises. Kartik is also happy watching ganesh’s form & appreciates ganesh.
Devraj also asks permission from ganesh to allow moving from his huge nose & all are moving from the nose of ganesh towards the evil’s bhawan.
Ganesh is feeling trouble behind near devsena while the evil tree too understands about ganesh smelling.
Devsena is praying the mata’s statue for giving powers & help to all army of gods & kartik too.
Ganesh is also assuring devsena that you will definitely succeed.
Soorasahi harms the people she has clutched in her prison & throws jayant in a snake’s den while he prays for kartik. Devsena also starts praying for kartik. All are praising kartik & ganesh.
The evil is bringing his powers near devsena to clutch slowly while ganesh is feeling trouble thinking & understands that in disguise of tree there are asoors but can’t move so sends mushak to help devsena.
All the army get down at the place near evil’s bhawan.
Ganesh is trying to help devsena through mushak while evil tree is moving fast & ganesh is thinking of need to search solution quickly.
All women are crying for their people who are killed by soorasahi but she tries to console the women & tells them I’ll save them & they feel happy.
Devsena is sitting meditating for kartik but also understands there is evil tree behind me trying to attack but they are stopped by powers of ganesh & devsena feels happy about ganesh & ganesh uses his chakra powers to attack the evil tree powers. The tree says now before ganesh tries to stop me I’ll itself stop ganesh & the tree branches clutch ganesh while kartik says why can’t we move ahead & also says unless ganesh does not come here we won’t move ahead.
Ganesh is fighting with the evil tree & the tree gets thrashed by ganesh’s powers but he throws his wooden pointed weapons towards ganesh but ganesh overcomes those weapon powers too by reverting towards the evil itself with his powers while all are discussing with kartik is there any problems with ganesh & kartik calms all saying he itself is vignaharta so how can he’ll get any problems.
Ganesh is fighting with the evil tree & killing his evil acts with his own weapons & as he gets defeated then he bends to pray ganesh so ganesh holds the weapon as the evil gets unconscious. Mushak is praising himself as ganesh tells him don’t bluff while ganesh sees the evil is still alive & watching so need to be alert so ganesh asks mushak where can be that 4th asoor or is he vanished through the mud & that asoor says in himself that I am still here hiding in the mud in disguise of mud creature & will do my work of clutching her. Devsena tells ganesh to leave as kartik & all must be waiting for you there.

Precap : 

Vighnaharta Ganesh 23rd July 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Soorasahi is saying I wish to kill kartik on my own whether I have to sacrifice my son or my son’s son I do not care to her guru while she faces trouble of storm in her bhawan.

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Telecast Date:21st July 2020
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