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Vighnaharta Ganesh 21st January 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Vighnaharta Ganesh 21st January 2021 episode starts with Bihula getting ready wearing jewellery remembering of advise given to her by Ganesh in form of Brahman.
All are watching Bihula coming dressed up & prays Devi Mansa to bless her. She also prays Lakhinder & starts dancing while Goddesses become emotional towards her as she is dancing with great power while she also sees Lakhinder getting up & joins her to dance together & all are watching but immediately Bihula sees flower down & gets alert about her husband still lying down & sees him stopping then too she feels I won’t stop whatever happens but while dancing she falls down & Devi Mansa is giving her the advice of strength to build to prove she is complete devoted to her husband as still first part is going on & she gets up strongly again & starts dancing.
Chandradhar says that this is wrong that my Prabhu did not bless me this time giving life to my son but his wife is advising him that you aren’t leaving your ego towards Devi Mansa which you mustn’t & start praying for her too but he isn’t.
Bihula keeps on dancing facing all the pain while Ganesh interrupts saying that first part has finished & Bihula falls down.
Devi Mansa becomes emotional & sends her powers on Lakhinder who wakes up from his life & feels seeing all Gods & Goddesses saying that am I dreaming & expressing his joy to Bihula making her to get up saying that I am alive while Bihula gets up slowly & gets very delighted seeing him alive. Bihula praises Devi Mansa saying that I am really very happy for helping me with your blessings but Devi Mansa says that this is blessings to you & I also bless you that this day will be celebrated as a festival by your name too. Bihula & Lakhinder also prays Prabhu Mahadev & Mata Paravati also including all Gods & Goddesses too.
Chandradhar sees flower falling down from Shiv Kund & becomes very delighted telling his wife that see my Prabhu has returned our son’s life due to my devotion towards him & he will come to us now but his wife is wondering & he is expressing his happiness all around his place.
Yamraj explains Bihula that due to ego lot of people ignore other Gods or Goddesses disrespecting them of their achievable powers hence this blessings of your husband’s life is because his father Chandradhar unless does not leave his ego he won’t get love of his son’s henceforth so to remember that your husband’s life is just because of your devotion towards Devi Mansa whose love Chandradhar won’t get unless his ego is cleared because due to him Devi Mansa has faced lot of insult also & so you have to convince him to respect & pray Devi Mansa which is your responsibility. Bihula assures Yamraj that she’ll do this anyhow.
Bihula asks Devi Mansa that if father in law accepts my advice & starts praying you than will you release his other son’s also & she says yes.
Chandradhar’s wife is wondering while he is again calming her saying that this is ultimately my devotional powers which has worked to get his life & now arrange plate of Pooja to welcome them while she sees Bihula & Lakhinder arriving from outside the house & starts crying emotionally & Chandradhar also sees him getting emotional. They both stop while Lakhinder asks Bihula how you’ll convince him now & she calms him.
Devi Kadru asks Ganesh how Bihula will tackle now but he too tells her that to let her try her solution initially.
They both come inside & Chandradhar is praising his Prabhu but Bihula tells him that his life is returned due to Devi Mansa & not due to your devotion & he gets depressed while his wife feels very happy towards her son & also due to Devi Mansa. Lakhinder is also explaining his father that I am alive is proof for you to know that due to Devi Mansa I am alive hence please leave your ego now. Bihula also explains him that you’ll feel awkward but this is fact that Devi Mansa also has her own powers whom you can’t disrespect which you must have also experienced that when I was going from the sea she always helped me to reach till my final destination to achieve my goal of making my husband i.e. your son alive & if you accept this truth than it’ll be good for you only as might be getting impressed by your belief in her she’ll return your other son’s too. Chandradhar becomes very depressed thinking about all what he heard from his son as well as daughter in law while Bihula & Ganesh are watching.


Vighnaharta Ganesh 22nd January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Bihula is advising Chandardhar to do Pooja of Devi Mansa also so that like she saved your this son’s life she’ll release all your other son’s lives too & he is still wondering while Devi Mansa is watching & his other five son’s come to him. Bihula says that see Devi Mansa could not control her emotions that’s why she sent your sons back to you hence do what I advise you leaving your all ego aside pray Devi Mansa also while he is smiling & Devi Mansa is watching.

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Telecast Date:21st January 2021
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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