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Vighnaharta Ganesh 20th October 2020 mata’s wondering hearing gunesh’s voice talking with rishi bhutkal as he is telling gunesh that I’ll wait for your form without eating food but will only eat which i find on ground & nothing from trees I’ll pluck.
Mata’s go to see gunesh if he is there in his hut or no but they find him there & mata paravati calms telling ahilya see my gunesh can’t disobey me as gunesh asking mata why are you so worried but tells gunesh to rest as i just came to see you.
Gunesh resting uneasily thinking i am unable to rest due to rishi bhutkal’s devotion while mahadev comes to ask him why you didn’t show your form to rishi for which he has come here but gunesh explains mahadev that mata’s worry & love both are interesting but difficult to handle that’s why i was unable to complete my blessings to him due to mata’s around & also your ultimate devotee is arriving & who asks mahadev so ganesh tells him rishi durvasa.
Next day rishi gautom starts his class with gunesh & rishi tells everybody to sit as all children’s sit but gunesh does not while mata paravati is watching how children’s learn. Rishi gautom asks gunesh why you did not sit so gunesh explains rishi that until guru does not sit how can a student sit which is first lesson to learn & rishi appreciates gunesh as all children’s again get up till rishi guru does not sit while paravati feeling glad about gunesh.
Rishi welcomes mata paravai also to sit beside him who’ll also help in giving knowledge. Rishi asks children’s who are your first teacher but they are unable to answer & mata paravati explains them about father, mother & guru who are first three teachers to give you knowledge while gunesh also details how they three distribute knowledge in their ways.
Aslasoor is served by woman’s to make him enjoy in their company of swarglok but he is unable to enjoy due to his uneasiness of uttering wrongly towards sindhu about gunesh so he is taken to sindhu by guards.
Rishi is teaching how to write words on black board describing every sentence meaningfully while gunesh is thinking about aslasoor who is taken towards sindhu & sindhu is trying to write & explain what you wish to say actually & gunesh using his powers to make him write as gunesh is dead but instead he is wondering why am i writing this way . Rishi is teaching children’s by writing sign of “om” on black board.
Rishi durvasa is asking mata ahilya what happened as she comes to his class & she tells him rishi durvasa is coming to our ashram while mata paravati smiles & gunesh explains rishi gautom about rishi durvasa who is ultimate knowledgeable person but very strict who curses for any reason if he does not like the person doing wrong as he has punished his wife too while mata paravati becomes silent thinking about rishi durvasa.
Narayan explaining devi laxmi this is only the start of fight between knowledgeable rishi’s now.
Children’s are also very eager to see him but suddenly a pot of water falls near rishi durvasa’s feet by children’s & he is about to get angry but gunesh comes in front of him while mata paravati thinks how rishi will react. Gunesh tells rishi think this was your welcome done by children’s to this ashram so you are welcome here & rishi appreciates gunesh calming himself while he sees gunesh’s form in his view & thinks that it means maganadhipati has taken birth.
Rishi durvasa is welcomed by gunesh taking permission from guru rishi gautom & showing him the whole ashram. Gunesh is also explaining rishi about his one more devotee who is bhutkal & his ultimate devotee. Rishi sees bhutkal who is picking grains from ground so he asks gunesh what is he doing & gunesh tells him he has taken oath as my devotee that he won’t eat food but only grains which he’ll cook & eat showing his true devotion towards me as he won’t fail in his devotion i can assure if at all whoever takes his test & rishi durvasa plans to take test of rishi bhutkal while gunesh’s plans work of he needed someone to take test of his devotee.
Aslasoor is sent into custody by sindhu thinking he has become mad by getting swarklog treatment while he sees gunesh’s images in dark prison under custody which makes him happy.

Precap : 

Vighnaharta Ganesh 21st October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Rishi durvasa is taking test of rishi bhutkal in which he passes so rishi durvasa tells gunesh that once again I’ll try taking his test.

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Telecast Date:20th October 2020
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