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Vighnaharta Ganesh 1st November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Vighnaharta Ganesh 1st November 2021 episode starts with Bhudevi sits in front of her Prabhu praying for his son Narkasoor while he asks watching her what she is upto & she tells him she is praying Prabhu for his well-being & safety but he in his ego laughs saying to her he who has achieved such great powers from his Prabhu Narayan itself then how he can be harmed by anybody in this entire world & need not to be worried for such a powerful son of hers then too she doesn’t listen to him.

Banasoor advises his daughter Usha to welcome Prabhu Mahadev first which Shri Ganesh will also won’t feel bad about it & Shri Ganesh also tells her he is right to welcome Prabhu first & she does accordingly but then Narkasoor tells her to welcome Nandi & that too she does but Mata Kaali becomes more wild on Banasoor’s insulting behaviour towards her son Shri Ganesh hence Ridhi & Sidhi take permission from theie father to be on side of Mata who might be restless watching this & they go to Mata Kaali who is Mata Paravati itself.

Banasoor says he’ll take his Prabhu Mahadev to a special guest room arranged in Shaunikpur while all others will use some other rooms & Shri Ganesh feels insulting. Banasoor welcomes Prabhu Mahadev showing him his specially arranged room along with bed for resting but Shri Ganesh is also coming there while Banasoor immediately stops him saying this room isn’t for him instead it’s specially designed for only his Prabhu Mahadev & Shri Ganesh stops while Prabhu Mahadev notices what kind of treatment he is giving to Shri Ganesh but Mata Kaali becomes more wild saying this evil is inviting his death now keeping on insulting her son.

Ridhi & Sidhi are calming Mata Kaali saying Shri Ganesh is there hence to not to worry because as she is aware he is great God of brains hence he’ll surely take out some solution to end this.

Shri Ganesh prays Mata Kamyaksh to help him show the solution to tackle this evil who is not aware of the kind of weird behaviour he is performing & Mata shows him image about Banasoor’s daughter’s marriage while he feels thinking how can his daughter’s marriage resolve this evils deeds problems?

Banasoor then insists Prabhu Mahadev to sit on the bed designed for him & he sits while Banasoor says he must not be getting such a bed in Kailash also & immediately Shri Ganesh laughs while Prabhu Mahadev watches him & all Banasoor’s bed as well as palace vanishes coming on the seat of Kailash & all others standing in front of Prabhu Mahadev.

Banasoor cries asking Prabhu what he did by vanishing his palace as well as his entire arrangement & Shri Ganesh teaches him certain points which he failed insulting guests but Banasoor says he should sit in the corner & not to speak in the middle when two big people are speaking while Mata Kaali again becomes wild while Banasoor’s daughter Usha also feels pained of his behaviour towards Shri Ganesh.

Shri Ganesh then finally tells Banasoor that you need to show your place it seems & he uses his powers emerging in his huge form which shocks Banasoor while Mata Kaali calms herself & Rishi-Sidhi says to Mata she had told her Shri Ganesh is capable to handle this.

Shri Ganesh tells Banasoor to show him his corner where he has to sit now but Banasoor is confused watching towards Prabhu Mahadev while Prabhu tells him he can’t help him in this because his bloods insult is his insult too which he forgot.

Then Usha pleads Shri Ganesh saying her father does not know how to behave with a guest & he also won’t plead for his mistake hence she pleads on his behalf & Shri Ganesh again watches image of a person marrying Usha & they take blessings from Shri Krishna & Rukmini hence he realizes this is the signal which Mata Kamyaksh is about to show him which means her husband will be relative of Shri Krishna it seems.

Usha puts flowers on his feet while Shri Ganesh watches her mother also holding sweet Laddoos plate so he reduces his form saying he’ll forgive her father due to her pure devotion towards him & they both take him inside the palace where they offer him food also.

All women’s are chanting Shri Krishna’s prayers while Narkasoor comes telling them he won’t be able to help them & shows his huge form to scare them & all the women’s are scared praying Shri Ganesh to help them. Shri Ganesh understands this while eating food in Banasoor’s palace served to him by Usha but a relative sitting in palace of Shri Krishna is also feeling Usha standing in front of him serving food & he keeps steering. Shri Krishna watching this alerts him asking about where he was lost & he expresses him what he felt.


Vighnaharta Ganesh 2nd November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Shri Ganesh prays Mata Kamyaksh to help all those helpless women’s by saving from that evil Narkasoor. Mata flows her powers towards Narkasoor & pulling all the women’s aside while they all pray her.

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Telecast Date:1st November 2021
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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