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Vighnaharta Ganesh 18th June 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Vighnaharta Ganesh 18th June 2021 episode starts with Pushpadant asks Ganeshji did Prabhu came from Vrindavan to his devotee & Ganeshji tells him that if any pure devotee calls him then Prabhu has to look into his difficulty.
Madhav asks the aged Brahman what was the devotee’s name & he says Dhananjay Sharma.
Dhananjay in singing prayers in temple while lot of people including traders, Brahmans gather hearing his prayers & some drummers also come playing their drums but Dhananjay tells them to play silently so that Prabhu should not get angry with loud noise.
Balbhadra tells Prabhu Shri Krishna that this devotee quite understands it seems & Prabhu says his importance is in singing which makes Prabhu happy in hearing sweet voice instead loud sound.
People offer lot of garlands putting around the idols & one of Brahman puts a smoky Agarbatti in front of Prabhu’s idol while Dhananjay feels uncomfortable watching this.
Balbhadra tells Shri Krishna that to see how your devotee is feeling uncomfortable & he tells him that Prabhu’s difficulty is only understood by his pure devotee hence to see ahead what he does.
Dhananjay takes out the garlands & puts it on a person’s hands to hold while removes the smoky Agarbatti also which affects Prabhu’s idol. All wonder why is he doing it this way hence the person holding garlands ask him why have you put so many garlands on my hands which is very difficult to hold for so much time & also the Brahman asks him why you have removed the Agarbatti & he explains them that if you feel tired of holding the garlands then how much Prabhu might be feeling holding garlands around their neck & he takes the smoky Agarbatti towards Brahman’s nose & he feels uneasy to breathe hence he asks him why are you doing this & he tells him if you feel so uneasy then how much Prabhu will feel smelling this smoke but Brahman says it’s just an idol & he asks him why you come here & he says to pray Prabhu but Dhananjay tells him you only think this is an idol so why coming to pray & Brahman realizes his mistake. Dhananjay tells all of them that Prabhu’s devotion should be pure thinking he is in front of you all while a trader & his daughter watching him feels great about him.
Shri Krishna appreciates his devotee telling Balbhadra that I told you this is true devotee or others feel us only a simple idol who aren’t pure devotee’s.
Rishiwar of temple is teaching knowledge to devotee’s of temple while trader & Brahman come to meet him for planning of Vrindavan yatra while Dhananjay sitting in his devotee’s group thinks when he’ll too get the opportunity for this yatra. The Brahman asks Rishiwar about Dhananjay & he tells him that he is devotee who always sit here idle chanting Prabhu’s name.
All of them contribute for yatra & Rishiwar intimates them of starting early morning for yatra. The trader while leaving his daughter, taking permission from her father, distributes Prasad to everybody & puts everything in front of Dhananjay towards whom she is attracted. He praises the girl as well as his Prabhu because of whom he got so much of Prasad.
Madhav asks Brahman did Dhananjay got the opportunity to go on the yatra & he tells it was on Prabhu’s blessings.
All gather but Rishiwar was waiting for the trader who was walking feeling tired holding bag & other items required on their path but Dhananjay watches him & tends to help him who later appreciates his efforts taken for helping him. Rishiwar gets bugged on him while the Brahman tells him that we should also take him along with us but Rishiwar tells him he hasn’t contributed while Brahman tells him he can be of help to us for pulling this cart which will cover his contribution & all accept Brahman’s advise hence Rishiwar allows.
They begin their yatra chanting name of Prabhu Jagannath while Dhananjay pulling cart also seems to be very excited going on this yatra. He keeps helping all of them on their path while Rishiwar behaves weird with him but trader appreciates his devotion towards his Prabhu without any selfishness.


Vighnaharta Ganesh 19th June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Dhananjay while falling asleep thinks now he’ll get the opportunity to meet Prabhu hence he sleeps. Prabhu Shri Krishna arrives telling him to wake up & Dhananjay is feeling very delighted watching his Prabhu in front of him.

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Telecast Date:18th June 2021
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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