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Vighnaharta Ganesh 18th February 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Vighnaharta Ganesh 18th February 2021 episode starts with all villagers gather to see actual God Shri Vinayak being emerged in form of Shiv Kund hence are delighted for getting blessings of God & also their uncle too comes to see & he feels repented for doing wrong against his nephews & also bend down for praising Shri Vinayak & going ahead they built temple of Swayambhuwar Siddhivinay where people who faced difficulty in life came to pray purely to achieve healing’s of their difficulty.
Ganeshji asks Pushpadant what you learnt from this & he instead tells Ganeshji that you had promised you’ll answer my questions when I hear your complete story & yes says Ganeshji so he asks him how many fingers I have on my hands but also tells him that to not to use your powers but to think by closed eyes & Ganeshji closes his eyes telling Pushpadant’s wife also to close while they close their eyes Pushpadant vanishes again & Ganeshji keeps asking him another question but he isn’t there hence Ganeshji thinks where can he be now while his Aunty asks him what to do now but he calms her.
Pushpadant reaches near an Ashram where there are lot of Brahmans who are doing their various works while one of them is meditating name of God Shiva & Pushpadant thinks to enter into his body but unable to & sees their Guru PurniyaSwami arriving teaching everybody how to perform their duties & tells everybody that without me you won’t be able to get proper lessons of devotion towards God hence Pushpadant thinks that he is doing the same thing which he use to do in Kailash & he sees Guru sits for meditation without washing his legs & Pushpadant finds chance to enter his body thinking who forgets simple point of respecting devotional lesson towards God isn’t an able devotee & Pushpadant enters his body by which PurniyaSwami gets wild & arrogantly behaving like a fool which is seen by his students & his wife who get shocked wondering what has happened to him. This is watched by Ganeshji also seeing Guru is eating food like a fool hence feels Pushpadant must have entered into him hence converts himself in disguise of the same Brahman & goes towards the Ashram.
Guru in his egoistic manner says that I am the only great singer in this entire world while Ganeshji sees him & sings prayer which is appreciated by other Brahmans in the Ashram hence Guru PurniyaSwami asks who is it who can challenge me & he challenges Ganeshji for competition to do between them hence Ganeshji comes forward & pushpadant is shocked to see Prabhu itself hence thinks that he’ll use his twisting strategy by which Ganeshji will get confused & they start the competition.
Ganeshji starts first on request of Pushpadant & Ganeshji starts singing with name of Prabhu Mahadev while Pushpadant doesn’t take Prabhu Mahadev’s name instead takes some other names & gets cough while Ganeshji offers him Gangajal but Pushpadant doesn’t drink getting scared of some trick by Ganeshji & feels to keep eating & Ganeshji understands his strategy hence uses his trick of making him dance with the name of Goddess & Pushpadant takes name of Goddess by which Ganeshji gets delighted now Pushpadant has to come out & Goddess flows her powers towards Guru PurniyaSwami to bring out Puspadant from him & Pushpadant is thrown out of Guru’s body while Ganeshji catch holds of him & Guru falls down in pain.
Guru asks what had happened to me & Ganeshji in Brahman form tells him you were attacked by Ghost soul due to your mistake in your egoistic form that you sat on your meditation seat without washing your legs which you teach everybody & PurniyaSwami accepts his mistake promising Ganeshji that he’ll never do this again.
Pushpadant asks Ganeshji that who is there if you are here & he tells him I am there too. Pushpadant asks Ganeshji that why you are behind me while his wife tells him that he is helping you to get out of this curse & return to Kailash to serve Prabhu Mahadev again but instead he says if Prabhu needed me then he would had forgiven me but he punished me hence which we do not expect from our God being a very simple devotee serving him faithfully while Ganeshji tells him he needs your faith only towards which you went wrong on serving hence don’t you feel you should accept your mistake when God is always with you & he is confused wondering about his mistake which he has done is actually right.
Ganeshji tells him that I’ll tell you another story of Mata Jagatjanani Vaishnodevi who was also given shelter by her devotee on Tirkut mountain. There was a time when ultimate devotee Shri Hanuman of Shri Ram was meditating on Gandh Madhan mountain while lot of Brahman came for help from him due to terror happening in the world of people killing their own parents for selfishness, stealing & fighting within each other for money & in this terror world one Devotee named Shridhar played main role.


Vighnaharta Ganesh 19th February 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Shri Hanuman tells all Brahman that Prabhu Shri Ram has given me the responsibility to take care of this world but Shri Hanuman asks Shri Ram that I alone won’t be able to handle this hence who’ll support me to stop all this terror & Mata emerges for his help.

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Telecast Date:18th February 2021
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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