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Vighnaharta Ganesh 17th June 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Vighnaharta Ganesh 17th June 2021 episode starts with Manidas pleading Maharaj for chanting slogan of Prabhu disturbing his sleep but he tells him that you woke me very early as per regular time of my Prabhu’s Pooja & he tells Maharaj then you won’t punish me hearing Prabhu’s name it seems & Maharaj forgives him but tells him will have to collect all the plucked flowers to prepare a beautiful garland for welcoming a renowned Scholar who’ll arrive to spread knowledge of Prabhu.
Manidas prepares a beautiful garland working over-night which is appreciated by his wife too & he tells her that as Maharaj will like this garland he’ll give me some important work in his palace too but she expresses her concern that when something good might happen you stumble but he assures this time nothing will happen & he leaves to temple but again on his path he hears some people chanting Prabhu Jagannath’s name & he loses his control dancing & chanting Prabhu’s name while his wife watching him comes to stop his foolishness & explains him to face the truth of life hence Maharaj will also blame for your weird behaviour & our lives will also become restless because of you so to go soon or Maharaj will get wild & he leaves immediately.
Maharaj is waiting for Manidas who hasn’t arrived yet to welcome the Scholar who’ll come any moment but he arrives while Maharaj asks him why so late but after watching the garland he forgets about Manidas’s mistake & appreciates the garland. The Scholar arrives & he is welcomed putting garland around him while everybody chanting his name but Manidas is bugged thinking why to chant his name instead Prabhu’s.
The Scholar begins his lecture of knowledge for Prabhu’s devotion while everybody chant Prabhu Jagannath’s name & Manidas also starts chanting & dancing Prabhu’s name but all are steering at him thinking a fool & he stops while a child enjoys his devotion.
Prabhu Shri Krishna tells Balbhadra & Subhadra to see how my devotee will become famous in front of them who think he is a fool.
The lecture is in progress but Manidas watches his Prabhu everywhere & starts dancing chanting his name continuously while Maharaj’s minister says he has become mad again & orders guards to throw him away by which Prabhu gets angry. Manidas becomes depressed for people not realizing his devotion hence he moves towards his house but also thinks that his wife won’t allow him now but he falls on his path near a flower vendor who shouts him to go away & he moves towards another sweet vendor falling near him & he too shouts him to go away & he finally sits under a tree praying his Prabhu that nobody is valuing his devotion but he can’t stop his devotion.
Shri Krishna gets wild saying that whoever insults Prabhu’s devotee it’s Prabhu’s insult too hence need to teach them the lesson of insulting.
A stormy weather erupts in between the lecture in temple resulting in people running away but a child who had enjoyed Manidas’s devotion comes to explain Maharaj that whatever you have arranged in the temple is baseless without understanding the actual meaning of devotion towards Prabhu hence he tells him that you threw away my devotee sometime before who was my actual devotee thinking he is a fool but that is called pure devotion which has no selfishness which is acceptable for Prabhu but Maharaj asks who are you & Prabhu Shri Krishna emerges in him while Maharaj & all are surprised to see Prabhu & he bends down pleading hence Prabhu leaves.
Maharaj leaves himself to search Manidas while everybody follow him but the vendors inform him that they threw him away from their shops while Maharaj tells them you did a mistake & their items in shops also get damaged due to storm hence they too realize about insulting Manidas & follow Maharaj while Manidas is found & is taken with pride towards temple hence Manidas praises Prabhu saying that I know it’s because of you they have realized my devotion.
Madhav asks Manidas how Prabhu looked & he tells him that it can’t be described but you should realize him with your true devotion.
Ganeshji also tells Pushpadant that this way Manidas became a famous devotee because of his Prabhu’s blessings on him.
Prabhu Shri Krishna blesses Manidas to remain in his devotion forever in his entire life as per his wish.


Vighnaharta Ganesh 18th June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Ganeshji says if any devotee calls his Prabhu then it hasn’t happened that his Prabhu hasn’t arrived & Pushpadant asks who the devotee was & Ganeshji says his name was Dhananjay Sharma. Dhananjay works for his day-to-day living taking care of his parent’s too while he thinks he’ll do anything to meet his Prabhu.

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Telecast Date:17th June 2021
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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