Vighnaharta Ganesh 15th November 2019 Written Episode Update

Vighnaharta Ganesh Written Update

Vighnaharta Ganesh 15th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Vighnaharta Ganesh Written Update on

Vighnaharta Ganesh 15th November 2019 Episode Start With bhandasoor’s evils are confused while bhandasoor is shouting them to attack & mata asks them have you got sacred with my words while bhandasoor says we asoors are not to get scared & ganesh also says that before starting war bhandasoor is defeated I guess & bhandasoor is saying I won’t allow my evils to stop this way & they will attack while evils are talking within each other how to tackle with this devi mata matangi & one of them says that I am blood evil so I will create havoc with my attack & ganesh seeing this says that they are trying to attack devi’s army so as they try attacking then mata matangi destroys their attack.

The evil is telling mata that we are blood evils & how much you kill us more blood evils will be created & he says to mata that you are a fool to not knowing us while mata says that you are a fool as in front of me you will be washed out & mata shows her powers bu bringing mata kaali & kartik says mata kaali is great. The evil says now it’s enough as we have to do something while mata kaali shouts & hits the evils killing them & ganesh says mata kaali’s form is astounding while bhanadasoor is shocked his such huge evils getting killed. Mata throws her weapon while evils are shocked. Mata is praising devi chamnunda showing her powers again & ganesh including all praise devi chamunda.

Bhandasoor sees this & shouts them to attack all with devi’s & do not stop so as they are attacking mata is retaliating them hitting their standing place on air & they fall down by their place getting destroyed while bhandasoor says how can she defeat my so huge asoors. The evils are pouring blood towards mata chamunda & she gets angry by making her huge form saying now you will pay for this & ganesh says they have thrown blood on her so she has become wilder now & will do something strange & she is flowing the force from her mouth pulling all blood & she drinks all blood saying I need more & more blood now while all gods & goddesses are shocked seeing her this kind of form. Ganesh says if mata’s anger does not stop then something wrong may happen & she has become wild while bhandasoor says this is what I wished because destroying this whole world will be my start of life as then only bhandasoor will be left if at all this is world is destroyed by my evils or any devi.

Devi chamunda has become wild dancing with anger & ganesh explains mata matangi of mahadev because of whom her anger could be controlled as father is sign of rudraksha to control all angers but as mahadev is in form of statue & I have faith that if mahaedv comes then only this mata can be controlled so ganesh requests father mahadev that we need you as this mahakaali’s anger can only be controlled by you so mahadev gets up & arrives telling her that the blood has stopped so please calm, please calm, please calm I request you. Ganesh says this also could not help by mahadev trying to stop her so now I have to call mahashiv from all brahmand’s to stop her & she is still in wild form dancing. Mata says it’s taking very much time for her to get calm while saraswati mata also says that ganesh is fallen in trouble thinking what to do.

Ganesh is chanting prayers for mahashiv & mahashiv gets up hearing ganesh’s prayers & comes telling devi mahakaali to stop. Bhandasoor is seeing from his rath saying that it is happening what I had wished & who can stop her is under statue form so he praises himself saying I have won. Mahadev is telling her to be calm.

Ganesh is asking help from mata saying as i tried all sorts of solutions but in vain so please help to end such evil like bhandasoor while bhandasoor is happily laughing & ganesh is praying mata telling her to please hear me & please call mahashiv but she is telling ganesh that it’s too late now as mahashiv is in statue form in which his powers is also slowly decreasing in his form while all gods & goddesses are shocked seeing this. Bhandasoor says mahashiv is becoming powerless slowly while mata also says he is left with only some part of his power existence. Ganesh says this should not happen & you only show the solution to stop happening this or whole world will get destroyed.


Vighnaharta Ganesh 18th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Ganehsh is dancing to make prabhu mahashiv exist saying I won’t stop this till you exist. Mata mahakaali is still dancing wildly with her anger. Child mahashiv exists & all goddesses are happy seeing this.


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