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Vighnaharta Ganesh 14th September 2020 episode starts with shankchur capturing devraj indra’s seat by engrossing all of them lose their mind & heart in his flute playing & as he sits on it stopping the flute immediately indra gets shocked seeing shankchur & shouts him telling this is my seat of swarglok where you can’t sit on but he says you only have given me so if you wish to get back then attack me if you can as i too am shri krishna’s devotee.
Ganesh says this is only start of shankchur while shankchur’s father too tells tulsi that to not to worry as he’ll definitely win against gods & she also says I expect the same but should happen everything carefully.
All gods are trying to attack shankchur but he isn’t harmed so he says I had told you nothing can happen to me as I am most powerful than you all. Indra thinks what powers he is having? so tells him will see to it that I take back the seat from you & he tells him to go & plan your attack towards me properly & indra leaves but all other had to wait due his terror on them.
Shankchur decides changes to implement in this world which is against gods policies so all gods go to ask help from ganesh & ganesh explains them he is doing all this as per evil asoor thoughts increasing evil within people in this world which might end devotion & meditation in gods from people & may be people will meditate for him only which he is trying to convert this within people in this world. Indra asks forgiveness from ganeshji saying I was wrong to act foolishly in his flute playing but ganesh also says that I too am attached to shri Krishna so it’s difficult for me also to attack him that’s why please forgive me but I can’t help you so they ask ganesh then we have to go to brahmadev for help but ganesh tells them both can’t help you in this as both have booned him his wishes & finally indra asks ganesh then you only show us the way out & he tells them only mahadev & mata paravati can only help us now.
Shankchur’s father sits on devraj indra’s seat while shankchur asks blessings from him & his father tells him that as easily gods handed over this swarglok so might be they must be planning some attack towards you.
Mahadev also tells gods that I can’t help you all in this.
Shankchur tells his father that the way I have achieved my wishes through meditation is not for getting defeated easily by anybody & not even mahadev too while tulsi fells some trouble arousing as something falls from her hands.
Mahadev explains ganesh & all gods that whatever shankchur has achieved is by his meditation & unless he hasn’t challenged me I can’t do anything to him but ganesh explains mahadev the kind of evil deeds he has done earlier to achieve all this which isn’t wrong in your eyes & mahadev explains him about evil & good deeds which are done by human itself which ultimately he gets his fruit or punishment of it but in this case he has to be given knowledge through someone who might try to convince him what wrong he is doing & then we’ll know his attitude so ganesh plans to call a messenger parshunath to go & meet him for explaining & try convincing him to leave swarglok.
Parshunath goes & explains him saying I have come from mahadev to give you message that to leave this place & go back to patallok as because of you this world is affected but he tells him how can you say this world is affected as people are happy with my rule & gods only want the people to plead or beg them for anything they want but I have given them all which has created happiness in this world.
Parshunath asks help from ganesh that I do not have any words to argue with him so you only advise & ganesh sends his words through him for explaining shankchur that to think of earlier asoors who had also misused powers towards gods but got killed by their evil deeds while asoor guru shukracharya also comes telling him that shankchur has achieved this winning against gods which is his territory now & whatever he decides will be bonded for this world which is already making people happy about the changes & shankchur also ignores parshunath’s advice & parshunath tries to instigate him to say such a statement which can reach mahadev which will make mahadev wild towards him & shankchur shouts saying I am raja of trilok wherein if at all mahadev or all three gods come then too I cannot be harmed & finally his statement reaches mahadev which makes ganesh glad but tulsi feels big trouble for shankchur & she sees lighted candle near krishna’s idol & looks in it finding mahadev attacking shankchur with his sword & feels this should not happen which I have to stop so she starts praying Krishna flowing flowers on him for safety of shankchur.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 15th September 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Mahadev says now he has challenged not only me but all my powers within me. Shankchur says if at all mahadev comes with all his 33 crores gods then too I can face him with all my powerful army. Ganesh thinks saying unless tulsi is praying flowing flowers on Krishna for shankchur he can’t be killed so how to plan to disturb her prayers?

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Telecast Date:14th September 2020
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