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Vidya 30th November 2019 Episode Start With Vivek asking Vidya about the school. She says its fine, you should take care. She takes care of him. Vivek’s mum smiles. Vivek gets his phone. He checks and says how can this happen, I had proof against Nanku in this phone, call Anand. Anand says inspector gave me your phone. Vivek says he is Nanku’s man. FB shows inspector sending Dubey to the accident site and deleting videos from Vivek’s phone. He gives phone to Anand. FB ends. He says it means he deleted the proof from the phone. Anand says sorry, I didn’t check the phone. Vivek gets angry. Vidya holds him and asks Anand to call his mum, doctor asked him to take rest.

Vidya says I know you have done this with much hardwork, but proof have gone now, we will think about it later. He says I won’t leave Nanku. She says we will think later. She goes and gets pickles for him. Vivek gets the food. She asks him to have pickles, she asked the doctor, he can eat it, he won’t like hospital food. He likes the pickles. Vivek’s mum comes and says wow, pickles, you take care of Vivek so much, explain him to get married. Vidya asks what can I do, I will go, until Dharma gets fine, I can’t eat food, you have it. She goes. Vivek’s mum smiles.

Vivek’s mum eats the food and pickles. She likes the pickles. She says if you want to eat these pickles then marry her. He says she went because of your questions, not because of me. She says you are losing courage to tell a girl your feelings. He jokes. Dharma opens eyes and looks around. He sees Vidya crying. He asks why are you crying, I m fine, I won’t die so soon, I will trouble you all a lot. He feels unwell. He says I have to get happiness from your salary also. He asks what happened to me. Nurse gives discharge papers. She says we told everything to your family, you can go home. He asks what happened to me.

At home, Vidya prays. Dharma asks what did doctor say, tell me. She recalls doctor telling Vidya about Dharma’s tumour, its in last stage, he just have few months left. Dharma asks tumour. Maa asks what are you saying. Vidya says I wish I could lie, its true. Bablu says nothing can happen to dad. Dharma says its punishment for my bad deeds. He recalls working for Nanku Singh and troubling Vidya. He cries. Maa and Bablu say this can’t happen. Bablu calls to get second opinion from another doctor. Dharma says I have done much wrong with Vidya. He says until I m alive, I have to bear the punishment, I m glad that Lord gave me 30 days to repent my mistake.

He says I will not die with a burden on my heart, I will fix everything, Bablu you grow up, who will see them, you have to become independent now. Bablu says we have a shop and fields, Vidya has a job, you are saying like you are dying tomorrow. Maa slaps Bablu. She asks Bablu to talk well to Dharma, he should manage everything. Dharma says its not his mistake, its our mistake, I will not leave you on him, I will name this house and shop to you, your life will run well, I will not do anything wrong with Vidya now. He says I have hurt you a lot as Sasur, Vidya, I will become your dad and fulfill duties now. Maa nods to him. Vidya cries. Dharma says I will get Vidya remarried and make her life good. Vidya gets shocked.


Vidya 2nd December November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Dharma asks Vidya will she fulfill his wish. Vidya says do whatever you feel good.


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