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Vidya 2nd January 2020 Episode Start With Vidya saying Vivek ji, how will I teach the kids, if I go to take help from others, they will know I m illiterate and they will blame you, so I thought to learn from you, you will teach me how to run the school. Ranjana comes to Nanku and tells everything. She says I can’t bear this insult, people aren’t scared of us, Kalindi saved me, Dharma came and told that Vivek made Vidya the school principal. FB shows Dharma telling Ranjana that Vivek and Vidya will celebrate Nanku’s end and their win. FB ends. Nanku gets angry. Vivek is about to throw the books. Vidya stops him. She says its not just books, it has blessing of Saraswati Maa. Nanku says I will plan something that everyone will welcome the new principal in a grand way. Vivek asks Vidya to get out. She asks what does that mean.

He says it means you leave from here. She says I say no get out. He drags her out. She says I can learn from you. He says I punished you, you expect me to help you, don’t come here again, I won’t keep any relation with you now. She says relations don’t end this way. He says please leave… She asks what does that mean. He says please leave means I request you to go. She says fine, you can call me if you change your mind. He says stop, I have to tell you, there will be exams conducted in 7 days. She says I came to ask for help. He says don’t expect help from me.

She asks how will I do this. He says one who cheat, everything is possible for them to manage, did you feel bad. She says no, just tell me meaning of manage, I know you are very upset with me, you can scold me and get angry on me, do that in English, not Hindi, also tell its meaning so that I learn English from you. He says fine, I didn’t think you will get impossible, you think I will help you, why would I help, just leave from here, you still have the audacity, it means you still have the courage to meet my eyes after doing so much wrong with me. She says I will have audacity, I know I did right. She thinks of his words and repeats.

She says I understand you don’t want to teach me, its tough. He says its your problem, not mine, please go now. He makes her out and shuts the door. Dur kyu…plays…. She goes. He opens the door and sees her. She turns to see. He shuts the door. She leaves. Maa worries about the exams. Vidya says Vivek would have thought about it well, I m teaching since three months, I have to learn and then teach. She goes to pray. She says I don’t know which way to go now, Vivek is my last hope, help me in passing Vivek’s test. She hears Bablu and Dharma talking. Dharma asks Bablu to enjoy and use the smartphone. Vidya and Maa come and serve the food. Bablu shows the smartphone to Maa. He says its costly, it also works on the basis of my voice. Dharma says we got this because of Nanku’s support, you think of yourself, your life is based on Vidya’s salary. Bablu uses voice search and plays a hindi song. Vidya looks on. Bablu asks why are you staring like this, don’t see my new phone. She says no, I m not…

He says you have to teach the kids, you have a new responsibility of a principal, go and teach them English. The video starts. Vidya sees the video tutorial of English language. Bablu stops the video. She asks him to let it play until he finishes his food. He says the phone can get damaged, its costly. Dharma asks for more rotis. Maa goes.

She asks Vidya what’s the matter, why is she eager to see the phone. Vidya says a man was teaching English language, he can teach me English, its Durga Maiyya’s sign for me, she is helping me, if I could get Bablu’s phone…. Maa says fine.


Vidya 3rd January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Vidya sits studying. She says I will study and learn, I will teach my kids in the school.

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Telecast Date: 2nd January 2020
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