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Vidya 29th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Vidya Written Update on

Vidya 29th November 2019 Episode Start With Vivek’s mum asking him about Vidya. She says I like Vidya a lot, she is a nice girl, do you like her. He says yes, she is good, but what do you mean. She says you love her, I know. He says its nothing like that. She says I m bringing the matter to right point, I understand everything. He asks her to go and rest. She says no, I will play ludo on my phone. He says alone. She says yes, you can’t play with me. He says tell me what is it.

She says she is a girl, you have to take the first step, I m sure she also loves you, get fine soon, then we shall talk, I have decided to take bahu from Devgarh this time. He thinks. Vidya sees Avtaar in the temple. She goes to him. He recalls Jagat’s words. She tries to talk to him about Vivek. He makes an excuse and leaves. The man looks on and calls Ranjana. Few men come there and tease Vidya. She goes home. They follow and reach her house. Dharma, Maa and Bablu get shocked. The men tease Vidya about Vivek and ask her to teach them English. Vidya slaps the man. The man shouts on her. The people gather.

Vidya says they are troubling me and held my hand also. The man says she is enjoying with Vivek, I joked and she felt bad, its her mistake. They ask her about Vivek and her relation. Vidya asks them to just leave, else it will be very bad. Dharma scolds the men. Dharma says Vidya, better get poison for me, its better than this insult. He suddenly faints down. Vidya shouts.

Vivek thinks of Vidya. He smiles seeing the flowers. His mum comes and teases him that he is in love. He asks him to go back to Delhi. She asks why can’t you manage my expenses here. He says I honestly work here. She says fine, I will go, none will come between you and Vidya. He says its not possible. She asks him to try once. She says a wife loves a man after his mum, she loves you, I have seen what she did, there are many limitations in village, she is a widow, you have to take a step if you want her in your life, none will be better than her for you, so fate connected you both.

Vidya worries for Dharma. She asks doctor what happened to her. He says we shall be able to say it in some time, he didn’t get conscious, we are treating him, deposit 20000rs at the counter. Vidya tells this to Maa. Maa says what can I do, I don’t have money, Dharma knows it. She scolds Bablu. She gives her gold bangle and asks her to keep it mortgaged at a jeweller’s shop. Vivek’s mum comes and says wait, no need to mortgage jewellery, I m there to help.

Vidya says no, we will arrange it. Maa asks Vidya to accept the help, they can return money when Vidya’s salary comes. Vivek’s mum says you saved my son, I want to help. Bablu says thanks, you stay here, I will take mum home. Vivek’s mum says we will deposit fees and then have food. Vidya says I m fine. Vivek’s mum asks her to come to Vivek’s room. Vidya prays. Vivek meets Anand and asks for his phone. He says this has imp data. Vivek’s mum says you need rest, no work. Vivek says I don’t want to talk about Vidya now, its happening fast, you are saying as if I will think about Vidya and Lord will send her in front of me. Vidya comes.

Vivek’s mum says look you thought of her and she has come. She thinks sorry, I had to do this, else you will stay confused. He says you here… She says Dharma isn’t fine, I got him to hospital. Vivek gets up. His mum asks him to explain Vidya, until then she will arrange lunch. She asks Vidya to sit calm, she will ask Anand to pay fees. She signs Vivek to talk to Vidya. Vivek turns away. Vidya sits and turns. Vivek’s mum hides.


Vidya 2nd December 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Vivek’s mum says explain him to get married. Vidya sees Vivek. Dharma says I will get Vidya remarried and fulfill her dad’s duty. He blesses Vidya.


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